Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone, whatever your background.
May the New Year be safe and prosperous!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Shoe bombers and Gary McKinnon

Years ago a stupid jihadist tried to blow up 300 of his fellow passengers en route to NY - but
he could not get the match to light on his shoe. His fellow passengers grabbed him and off he
went to jail.
Last week, an idiot just like him in Iraq tried to hit George Bush with his shoes, but both times
he threw them, he missed. Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me...
He was a journalist, and his fellow pressmen grabbed him just like they grabbed the shoe bomber. Both are now in jail.
But whadda ya know, there are idiots who want to make this guy a hero...just like the Gary McKinnon supporters.
Me thinks they do protest too much. And me thinks they will all be in jail a long, long time.
We will help to keep their feet on the ground, but they may live out their lives barefoot.

Monday, 8 December 2008

£ and $

A week of rates has been above and below 1.50 - 1.512, 1.476, 1.488, 1.533 and 1.491 on Friday.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Rumble in Bombay

This whole week we have been hearing details of the terrorist atrocities in Bombay, or as they call it, Mumbai. 10 or more young Pakistanis opened fire and killed up to 300 people, and wounded lots more. Ironically, for guys who hated the west, they were all wearing upscale
western clothing. They looked like models for Banana Republic.
So it is not surprise to hear they were trained in Leeds, the home of the 7/7 bombers. And, it now appears, may have had some links to computer hackers who were able to get them jobs in the hotels. Then there is the question of the weapons they had, and the money behind this thing.
It points back to the UK, which is now a hotbed of terrorism. Some do the actual physical attacks, others do the money, while a third contingent is on to cyber attacks. Some of the people who do this are the nasties who comment adversely on this very blog, and the trail stretches from Essex to Bangkok...to Faridkot, the town in Pakistan where these model kids learned to become kami kazis.

£ and $

Greenbacks and pounds seem to be steadying out, last 3 days the dollar closed at
1.520, 1.541, and 1.533.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Gary McKinnon: Only a Fool

Our hacker friend, Gary McKinnon, has ironically written a song called "Only a Fool."
I have not heard it, but I have to admit that the title is apt. Wonder what they lyrics are...
only a fool would hack into the Pentagon,
only a fool would support him,
only a fool would question 9/11,
or leave a message on our computers that it was an inside job.

only a fool would stick up for him,
and only a fool would sing songs at the O2,
but then again, George Michael is not know for being wise,
he's only a fool in any guise.

My very first set of rock'n'roll lyrics!

Maybe to be sung to the tune of Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

£ and $

Buck went from 1.508, to 1.591,1.579,1.513 and closed yesterday at 1.535.

Monday, 24 November 2008

The Walworth Farce

Last week I had the joy of attending Enda Walsh's play, "The Walworth Farce." It was absolutely fabulous, funny to the end. Little wonder it won the Edinburgh Fringe First Award 2007. I highly recommend it, but sadly, there is little time left to see it - it runs till 29 November. All the best trying to get a seat, but here is the necessary info: It is at the National Theater (pictured above, the concrete complex on the South Bank), phone is 020 7452 3000, http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/ ,
tix are £10, 20 & 29. I won't give the plot away, but suffice to say it involved some Irish men in a pub and lots of dead bodies...lots of fun.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


When the war broke out in 2001, a friend of mine was prepared. He got out his left hand side drive US Army jeep and made his presence known in London, particularly West London. People got the message. The war went really well, we got lots of insurgents and awful people are now in Guantanamo Bay atoning for their stupidity. Onlookers used to cheer him on for his act.
But now something has gone very wrong. A newly elected leader is about to release the terrorists into society - it seems his party, the Democrats, have a habit of releasing criminals who then turn on the citizens. They like to make the same mistake as many times as they can get away with it. Dumb and dumber could not compete with their selfish antics.
So the jeep may not just be a symbolic gesture of one man's support for his country, its allies and the troops, it may be de rigeur for every man how loves his freedom. Terrorists with guns, and some with laptops, like Gary Mckinnon, will be threatening your life. And it seems now that Gary McKinnon has got the support of some rag head musicians who, in empathy with towel heads, want these people out on the streets. They belong in jail getting their a&$ kicked and kicked hard. On Inauguration Day, 20th January 2009, expect a line of jeeps in Washington to remind the boy who never served what real men are like.

Bomb, bomb bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

In a lighthearted moment Sen. John McCain sang and old Beach Boys #,
with new lyrics. It ought to be framed and signed into policy - not just
this hope and change nonsense that Obama bin Laden is about, but a real,
tangible policy that will make the world safe.
Otherwise some wise guy with a towel on his head will be bombing Washington.
All this talk about the Secret Service keeping our Kenyan friend safe from white
supremacists is bunk. He needs to be kept safe from his own policies.
And maybe learn to sing.
Then we could teach the world to sing.
It's about freedom.

£ and $

The greenback is on a roll, as the bailout which was put in place before the incoming administration could get in and mess things up.
Thus the buck has closed at 1.524, 1.464, 1.479, 1.499 and 1.495.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Making sense

Our world is suffering a lot of troubled idealists. If we understand that many of these are paid by the Iranian and Russian regimes, then we can breathe a little easier. Much of what has been said on this site has been part of a trap to bring these people out, and they are now posting in high pitched squeals as they realize we are on to them. The inane rants of genco21, an out-of-work guitarist in Essex, who takes money from Russian agents in London, and Neil inThailand, who in his own words hopes to recruit 649 people to cause financial panic in the US, are only signs of their distress at being caught out. Sometimes we went over the top here to elicit some response from them, gaining their IP addresses in the process, and an understanding of their methods.
They are part of a team of cyber terrorists posing as leftists. But how lefty can anyone be when they send emails describing their elitist weapons training and their plans to cause widespread damage to humanity? They are clearly linked to the likes of Red Ken who started a psy ops campaign against the US Embassy with his congestion charge, and then invited Arab terrorists to share the stage with him in London. So far left he is now left out.
The future may well hold a lot of trouble for the world, as the Obama regime sets up camp in the White House, but there will be a backlash of people wishing to rein him in. True patriots they are called. What do they want? Just to make sense, and live free. Live free or die. That sums it up.

£ and $

The buck went up and up, closing at 1.579, 1.577 and 1.542. Expect it to reach 1.25 by the end of the year.

Friday, 7 November 2008

£ and $

The buck has got stronger despite the Obama win, it closed at 1.589, 1.605 two days in a row, and then went back up to 1.587.

Gary Mckinnon to face the music

Gary McKinnon did something stupid last week. He tried to get sympathy! Myspace had on a song he wrote and it got lots of stupid people listening in. Well, guess what, we took it off! Stilted the guy's song. Now he ain't singing nothin' but de blues! Waiting for his ass beatings in a US prison just might inspire more warbles, but we are not gonna be buying his jam session. Pull the plug I say, Ed Gibson was quite eloquent, he's gonna fry.
Fry! And then there's this illegal alien by the name of B. Hussein Osama - born in Kenya, lied to the feds about it, and probably killed his grandma so she wouldn't talk. She was in ICU after he flew out to see her, guess who slipped her some drugs. But we have family members from Africa land who are gonna sing! So don't expect Obama bin Laden to turn the US into an obamanation on 20 January.
And oh, Jacqui Smith turned down Gary McKinnon's latest appeal for a judicial review. Just like all the Brits who work at the US Embassy here in London, she hates Gary McKinnon.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dirty tricks by Obama bin Laden

In June of this year, the 18th to be precise, Larry Sinclair, flanked by his lawyer Montgomery Blair Sibley, spilled the beans on Obama. Sinclair, who is a gay prostitute and drug dealer, told of his exploits in the back of a limo with the candidate in 1999. It was worse than Clinton; Sinclair was doing a Lewinsky on him and selling him drugs.
He got to the National Press Club in Washington and it was packed, so he was asked to go on early. He finished at the time he would have gone on, at which point police came and arrested him on a trumped up warrant. Sent by whom? We can only guess.
America is in trouble if Obama gets in. Real trouble.
Let's get out and vote for the right people, those who served in Vietnam and have raised good families - not those who have aunts who are illegal aliens.

£ and $

The dollar edged up yesterday to close at 1.583.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Illegal aliens, Obama bin Laden and Gary McKinnon

Homeland Security is on the lookout for an aunt of B. Hussein Obama; her name is Neituni Onyango and she is an illegal alien - as he may well be if indeed his birthplace is not quite in the US of A. She was told to leave 4 years ago, but decided to break the law. Now the law is going to break her.
She may have dangerous delusions, such as thoughts of moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which she hopes will be a hangout for terrrorists and illegal aliens. Tomorrow is D Day. Let's hope the right side wins, no pun intended.
Here in the UK some dimwits are petitioning the government not to allow Gary McKinnon to serve his time in the US. What are they afraid of? He may get beat up and raped? At least we are not asking him to move in with illegal aliens with funny names.

£ and $

On rumours of an Obama win, the dollar lost tremendously last week, closing at 1.64 against the pound on Wednesday, then settling back to 1.639 and 1.617 on Friday.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


We certainly cannot complain about the looks of our future Vice President! Brains and beauty combined to give good leadership. What more can we ask?

£ and $

The buck has been rising consistently - closing at 1.623, 1.589, 1.562, and 1.559 these last four days. Time to buy greenbacks!


A recent commenter accused me of censorship. No way, Homeland Dude believes in free speech - the comments deleted on this blog are deleted by the commenters who probably did not have the guts to leave their comment on. It shows their mentality. Had I deleted, they would be completely deleted - so Neil, think before you speak. Feel free to leave an apology here if you wish, it will not be deleted.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Gary McKinnon resisting arrest

We now have information that the Russian government is going to help Gary McKinnon avoid arrest. They and the Iranians are planning to poison the US authorities. This plan was quashed by the Secret Service last night. Heard it first here - and we will be posting more about the
former serviceman in Thailand who is bent on destroying Homeland Security, Neil Ingram. His latest email is an attempt to deny his previous threat. It does not take James Bond to catch these idiots. Gary McKinnon got into 73,000 computers in the Homeland, so we know how virulent these pests can be and are prepared to take approprite measures, which his so-called mother will not like. Live and let Die I say!

£ and $

The dollar has been bucking the pound all week! It closed at 1.716, 1.698 and yesterday at 1.624.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Good Work USA! Gary McKinnon and terrorists to be grilled in Guantanamo

Good work USA - these were the words of a Mr. Tim from Sam Marcos in the US, responding to the article in the Sunday Times on 5 October by Paul Henderson and Robert Watts on the terrorists who live in North London and sell IED parts to Iranian terrorists. They are now on the extradition list, and guess what, the same lawyer who works for Gary McKinnon works for them! Karen Todner of Kaim Todner. Disgusting.
Another poster to the article had a very appropriate comment: "They should take them to Guantanamo and grill them till they get every bit of info out of them".
Well said. Same for Gary McKinnon, and grill them means beat them senseless.

Wags close mouths as dog brings home bacon

And from Iraq, more good news! Ratchet is coming to the Homeland! Operation Enduring Freedom is one of the greatest successes man has ever seen. The left wing pundits are forced to admit defeat, and the long suffering troops in Iraq are overcome with joy. It's a long way to go to get a dog, Gwen, but you sure did not return empty handed.

Frying Gary McKinnonn and smoking out terrorists

Catching terrorists is hard work, but some simple techniques work quite well. Talk about certain subjects and see what response you get. On this blog, in just 5 weeks, I have gotten dozens of comments and have been able to both communicate with the terrorists and get them to give themselves away. One fantasist claims he is RAF and USAF trained, and then threatens to cause the US $47bn worth of damage so as to wipe out Homeland Security. He may only be a fantasist, but his intentions are pure evil and have to be countered.
Another person hints at breaking the law and aiding and abetting Gary McKinnon to evade capture. So we have been able to beat the bushes in advance of our securing British cyber terrorist Gary McKinnon - the tactics of the enemy have been given away, now we smoke them out. Gary Mckinnon will have to talk and tell us about the other cyber terrorists he was working with, surely, he could not have broken into our computers with a 56K modem. We don't deny he may have been drunk and stoned, all the more is it apparent that he had Russian and Iranian help - see previous posts on Russian hackers.
The person intent on breaking the law (see comment to post on 18 Oct) has severe psychological problems, and threatens the US too. We may have to deal with him, teach him a lesson other Brits will respect us for. In fact, now he has posted, it will be fun to find out who he is, as we have done with others, so watch this blog for some real action. Another week and we may have Osama bin Laden confessing. Would not be surprised if he in not in London, we should have been looking here all along. Maybe he can share the ride with Gary McKinnon and then the jail cell and a few late night interrogations!

Neil Ingram threatens Homeland Security

Just got an email from a Neil Ingram in Thailand - he is threatening to cause $100m damage to US and get 469 other people to do same, and claims he is trained in the use of weapons - from RAF and USAF. Obviously a psycopath. His aim is to wipe out Homeland Security budget. He may go on the loose and kill lots of people with his skills. Wonder what else he is doing in that part of the world, training terrrorists maybe? Is he paid by some Islamic regime? Good job I got him to talk. We can take him out in time and save lives, this is how the world is getting to be a safer place.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

The world is getting safer

Richard Fenning, CEO of Control Risks, will address his audience with the fact that the world is getting safer. He will speak at Chatham House in London on October 22, 18:30 - 20:00.

Iranian spy at ISP

Just got an email from the mysterious Claire, of southwest houses. She admitted to something here that is like a piece in the puzzle - she used to work with Gary Mckinnon at an Internet Service Provider in London...
We go back through time to see the bigger picture. Gary working at an ISP - and getting all kinds of information on the West. Iranian intel agencies recruit from such agencies, it makes sense. Control the world through the internet. Brainwash us all and have the codes to make the planes fall out of the sky. All it takes is a little cash for the likes of Claire and Gary.
And now we know why so many people are supporting Gary - they know damn well that he will break in prison and we will have the full picture - he will name names and we will be able to proceed with more arrests.
And we will do that sooner rather than later - Jacqui Smith has quashed the idea of granting their law firm 90 days to prepare a request for judicial review, she is not granting even 14, it is 72 hours! And guess what, it is going into the round bin! We are laughing.
But the co-conspirators are not. They know they are next on the plane. It only takes one criminal to talk to get the whole rat pack. It's too bad that so many of these operatives have to be in Britain...otherwise, it's a nice country.

More Good News from Iraq

Siri Jordan is an 11-year-old in Burnsville, Minnesota. Her dad Dan is an enlisted man serving with the US Freedom Fighters in Iraq. The other day her grandmother took her to the airport to 'pick up a friend'. Then Siri saw this guy who looked like her dad. It was her dad. Surprise leave with good news from the front line on terror. Stories like these don't get reported in the Guardian, do they?

£ and $

The buck strengthened the other day to 1.721, then lost some ground to close at 1.732.

Psy ops in cyberland

Well, well, well, the dogs are on the attack. A recent post is up to 39 comments from hostile parties, most of them anonymous types. A guy named Pizt - real name Neil Leitch - leads the pack, and what a shaggy dog he is! Needs a haircut badly. I sent him a couple of emails and all he could do was recycle old rants, laced with stereotypes. But he is young...not Neil Young, just young young. Neil Young was a genius musician, I suspect we are not going to be collecting Neil Leitch records as we are now collecting Neil Young records. Got a stack of them myself, unscratched in their original cases. Beautiful things the 12" vinyl. But I digress.
Leitch's rants were not so bad as the ones wishing Chinese hackers to unleash nuclear war on America (are they legal these comments?) or the one about giving semi-automatic machine guns to red skinnned insurgents, presumably to go kill people of other races? Nice one. I thought of deleting them, but best to leave them up. Then there is genco21 - real name Paul from Chelmsford - who cannot get a single comment in without messing up the spelling. Lynne Truss would be having a fit, pandas would be shooting and leaving, after, of course, eating...hope I got all the puncutation right there Lynne! Love your books by the way, my attackers could use a few pointers from their pages.
In what is turning into a psy ops in cyberland, blood is in the water. And over what? A terrorist named Gary McKinnon who is being taken to face justice. I emailed one person named Claire, and was quite complimentary, OK, I admit, she has nice figure, could be a Hustler model one day, and got back an email from he/she/it named Richard Taylor at southwesthouses.co.uk. An economic indicator of the fact that real estate agents are not too busy these days, so they are cross dressing and sending emails to show their support of cyber terrorists. I hope the economy improves soon, so we are not inundated with emails from idle southwest agents launching psychological warfare campaigns against free and decent people.
And quite likely it will, the election often causes turbulence, which is often resolved when someone competent gets in. Hopefully there will be no chads, but an intereasting phenomenon is that the Jewish vote is being fought over by two Jews...as in three opinions. One Jackie Mason, a sensible ex rabbi who is also a comedian, is exhorting his flock to vote for McCain, while some other comedian, whose name escapes me at the moment, is exhorting the opposite. If McCain gets in, she, though Jewish herself, will bame the Jews. Stuff like this you can't make up.
But you can make up stories in the press, take the recent Ham & High coverage of Gary McKinnon's protests outside the US Embassy. Something is not kosher there - I mean, Gary is 42 years old (old enough to know better than work for the jihadi cyber terrorists), and there is a picture of this woman purporting to be his mom. She looks younger than the son. One starts to wonder why her last name is not the same - Janis Sharp is this woman's name - and then it dawns on me. One need not be an intel analyst to see the psy ops game being played here. Jan is sharp! And we are all supposed to be idiots. Now, in the Arabic languages, Jan is short for jihadi. The jihadis are needling us with this one, but we're not dull. And she cries that the US will not give her a visa to visit? Strange point, as if she were indeed a UK citizen, she would not need one. Other UK citizens, including some of the rat pack who commented so adversely on this site, find it easy to come and go - so why does she say she was denied a visa? She is not a UK citizen - or has a criminal record. Elementary, me dear Watson.
But looking at Jan, by some cosmic irony, brings my mind around to Ron - as in Ron Jonson, who likes to visit the US - again, no visa needed - where he pals around with lowlifes like Alex Jones. Both are uber conspiracy theorists, who spent a lot of time and effort trying to convince the world that George Bush and a lot of Republicans were pedophiles. They talked about some book called the Trance Formation of America, which all major publishers refused to publish, but this did not stop Ron and Alex from using to its libel Bush and his friends. Back in the UK, Ron was the first to take up the Free Gary campaign, writing in that weird, left wing rag the Guardian. Lately, it has given space to Jan is sharp, who writes in about how we ought to free the terrorists.
While my site got attacked by cyber punks with no real names, other sites have sensible people writing in - just check out the comments on Kevin Poulsen's article in Wired - as guy named spook left some excellent comments, and I weighed in or what it was worth with the facts.
The facts, the facts, and only the facts, as Margaret Thatcher said. Gary McKinnon, Farshid Gillardian and the Tillmans have got to face up to that.

Salute to Palin

Above is a picture of peace. Sarah Palin and the US peacekeepers helping to keep the world free. You can just see the relaxed feel from the servicemen, happy to get in a woman who takes the time to talk to the likes of Joe Plumber. Oh, Obama took the time to talk to him too - and Joe told him where to go. Turns out that conspiracy theorists are trying to make out that Joe was a planted shill, but how seriously could you take this one - it's like the Puerto Rican janitor stories about 9/11...Truth to tell, Joe was at home and B. Hussein Obama interrupted his solitude to try to get his votes, and then his money. Which is what BHO of the BS Party is trying to do to all of you...
The Republican Party is the party of the people, the party of Lincoln. From log cabins to trailer parks it serves the likes of Joe the Plumber and is ready to lead America for another four years. Images like the one above will be quite common.
Some of the left leaning press are predicting an Obama victory, but we the people are not stupid. As Charlie Wolf wrote in his column this week, it's about events. Quoting Churchill he reminds us that a week in politics is a long time. Events. Things happen, and the Republicans respond. American will remember that - this is a world where things happen and we need first responders to put things right - not left foot us.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Good news from Iraq

We all know now that Operation Enduring Freedom has been a success. One Iraqi who may be coming to the US is Ratchet, a puppy who has been saved by Sgt Gwen Beberg. She notes that

the Iraqis are so bad to animals that it would be inhumane to leave him behind. No puppy left behind, that's what we say. 30,000 people have signed a petition to have Ratchet come to the Homeland and enjoy the rest of his life.

So what do the terrorists, anarchits, Democrats, and computer hackers have to say to that?

Memory lane

Walking down the palimpsest of memory can be quite interesting. A chance conversation in Mayfair yesterday reminded me of some interesting moments in the not too distant past. A few years ago, I attended the funeral of a relative of the Bushes. It was held up in Maine. I recall that the President took the time to attend, as did RAUK member Emily Walker,
John Hagardian, Daniel Weaver, and Peter Thomas.
At that time, not so long after 9/11, the topic of security came up, internet security especially. The US had just discovered that its Pentagon computers had been hacked into by Gary McKinnon; while not reported much in the left wing press, McKinnon was not working alone - though he used the moniker 'Solo' - he was actually working hand in hand with the jihadis. One note he put on the Pentagon site was a taunt, actually asking us why the US Air Force could not intercept the four planes that day. Well, duh, he had hacked into our sites. So arrest him as soon as possible and get a confession from him as to who he was working for.
But no such sensible policy was followed. Instead, he was allowed to wreak havoc for years. And the conspiracy theory he started on the web has become a popular theme. Comments on this very site reflect that - I was viciously attacked by cyber punks in the last five days, in fact, the attack is ongoing. Some of them have been putting links to conspiracy theory sites. I have not yet deleted them, as it may be good to keep a file on these characters. They do not always stop at putting comments on sites, in the US they attacked former President Clinton. The Secret Service made an arrest, to the cheers of American citizens who are sick and tired of this form of attack. Psychological warfare it is. And it deserves a rebuttal.
The best one was put forth by GOP former Congressman Joe Scarborough, who put the foot down when he demanded they be tasered on the spot, and then sent to secret camps in Eastern Europe and never heard from again. That is where McKinnon belongs.
Most people think so, including Sen. David Vitter, who had just written a letter to Peter Thomas of ABC. Vitter advised Thomas of the increase in cyber psy ops on American citizens, telling them lies about our troops, lies about our president, lies, lies, and more lies. So we needed a truth movement. That was what we decided to create, and with one in place, people are happier. Markets trade better, crime is down, and the whole world is breathing freely. If we put all these people in jail, where they belong, we would be back on track to prosperity.
But going back to that week in Maine, I remember that some of our party, Emily, was working on the 9/11 Commission Report. A difficult task it had become, for there was some effort by confused Americans to rely on reports put forward by one Puerto Rican janitor who claimed he saved lots of lives that day. We now know he was not even at work in the WTC, he took the day off due to a cold. Some things fall in, or rather, out, of place, rather quickly when scrutinized. While I am not against his race, it did make it all the more jarring these reports coming from a Puerto Rican, as they are US citizens who do not pay taxes and do not have to serve in the military. Those who do - check the records here to see the statistics on drug busts in the service - aften go in for the sole purpose of selling marijuana and other drugs. And then there is the stunt they pulled in NY when they burned an American flag. Emily told us how she had weeks of sorting through this nonsense before she could delive the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But I digress. To get back to the point, we need to keep security high. And the note I started this essay on was the conversation I had in Mayfair with some colleagues. One of them reminded me of the holiday season 05/06. There had been some strange incidents with computer security inside the US Embassy, and in late '05 one of these had caused a gun to go off. Then there was a rash if computer glitches, and we knew we were under attack. At that time someone remembered the Gary McKinnon story, and we started to compare his crime with what was occuring to the embassy computers. Two English women, Jennifer Wilson and Sue Edley, analyzed it brilliantly and actually wrote up a little comparison sheet. At first it seemed like just speculation, but then it clicked. Their hunch was shown to Homeland Security; Dave Meadows, who was duty officer at that time, then passed it on the to the FBI. They got in touch with Special Branch here, and this resulted in more scrutiny of Gary McKinnon - after which, surprise surprise, the attacks stopped. So no wonder Ed Gibson was a little less than happy with Mr. McKinnon and stated that he ought to fry. His remark, however, pales in comparison with what Sue and Jenny had to say - they were out to do things I cannot repeat on this site. But they are right. And now Gary, you are going to fry. Teach you and anyone else here a lesson. If you get raped, beat up, waterboarded or whatever, don't cry. You fucked with us, and we are going to teach you a lesson.

An open letter to Jacqui Smith

Dear Ms. Smith,

As Home Secretary I am sure you have many difficult choices to make in life. Your support of the law was displayed earlier this week when you decided to extradite Gary McKinnon. Sensible
people are happy to see him go and face trial in the United States.
However, there are those who are bent on destroying our will. His family has talked about chaining him and themselves to a fence to prevent the due process. Others talk about the possibility of his being harmed in a US prison. That is mere speculation. And even if it occurs, it
is part of a process called punishment. Fellow prisoners may decide to teach him some common sense, for which his mother may be glad. American prisoners are among the best in the world. They police themselves as a matter of fact, keeping an order among the inmates that is as good
as some top international companies. Prisons fall under your command, so I am sure you have taken into consideration all relevant factors, and by sending him to one in the US, you have given him a better lifestyle than what he might expect in a facility over here. But do not expect him or his mother to be grateful at first.
However, in the years to come, they may both come to appreciate you wisdom. The press may choose to ignore it, but much of what happened in Abu Ghraib was for the good; so much so that Moslems from all over Iraq actually signed a petition to thank us for rehabilitating their hardened criminals, and envied our techniques. And Camp X Ray, far from being the little shop of horrors that Robert Fisk and his buddies make it out to be, has been a home away from home for many men whose standard of living in their own homeland was way below what we expect in the West.
Your homeland, like our homeland, needs to put security before misplaced sentiment. Thank you for your sensible approach to a difficult matter that is now under way of being resolved.


Mike Pasture

£ and $

The dollar gained strength against the pound yesterday, to close at 1.746. There was only .001 difference, but, for that guy with $1m to change, it was a difference of some $500. The markets today were a bit down, yesterday heavy losses. Fasten seatbelts for more turbulence, but we do hope that an experienced captain will take control of the cockpit and we will continue on calmly.

Robert McGeehan on Press TV

Tonight at 7 pm Robert McGeehan of Chatham House will be a guest on Nick Ferrari's Press TV program discussing who will be the 44th president of the United States. As he is a member of RAUK, I am sure he will be plugging John McCain. Not the most of intersting of shows, however, all this speculation is overkill and we are still three weeks away.
Press TV, by the way, has ties to the Iranians, so this is hostile territory. (and one might note, hostile to Tories).

Boadicea was Essex Girl

2,000 years ago a broad named Boadicea would have heard a lot of gallows humor. She got
uppity with the local council, and got taught a lesson. Gary McKinnon could also appreciate some,
and I understand his girlfriend is, like Boadicea was, an Essex girl, so she might be there for him if you know what I mean. One joke I thought rather funny comes from my childhood - my uncle asked me where A students went; Andover was the answer. And then, if they continued to get As? Yale.
But what about B students? Bendover! was the answer. And if they continued to get Bs? Jail!
Gary might remember this one, and also not to bend over when he drops the soap in the shower.
For entertainment, some jailhouse movies might be just up his alley - try Gestapo 1 and 2 and also Dr. Mengele from Mood Pictures - www.mood-pictures.com Their sister company, Elite Pain, has just issued Auschwitz - www.elitepain.com That last one might also be very good viewing for our other extraditee - to coin a new word - Farshid Gillardian. He managed to con some sympathy out of the Jewish Chronicle, but that paper tells fairy tales, as its better rival, Jewish News, has pointed out. Jewish News has real writers like RAUK co-chairman Charles Wolf on board, so they refrain from sponsoring terrorists.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Anti-Americanism in the UK

I just got done reading all 32 comments on a recent post - and they reeked of anti-Americanism, bad grammar and bad spelling. The last two are of no consequence, but show the commenters' mentality.
The first however, is of consequence, and at least two of the posts involved a conspiracy theory about the US doing 9/11 as an inside job. This theory was put out by terrorists to obfucscate. Often it is repeated by Russian and Iranian terrorist agents wanting to make 'jihad' against the West.
But the Empire strikes back! We are not going to let our citizens be harrassed. I would encourage anyone noting this kind of posing to report it to Homeland Security at the US Embassy London - 020 7499 9000 ext. 2428.

£ and $

these last three days have been a roller coaster, the Big Board making its largest ever gains on Monday, with 900+ points up.
The buck lost a bit of ground, closing at then 1.698, then 1.723, closing yesterday at 1.747.

Terrorist in North London

It seems that the worst enemy is the one on your doorstep. This week we found out there was a terrorist in our backyard. I had a chat with Dave Meadows at the Dept of Homeland Security here in London, and he tells me this is about as bad as the Gary McKinnon case - Farshid Gillardian. The name is Iranian, sounds Armenian, but the guy claims he is Jewish. Definitely not kosher. Farshid, rhymes with Farsi, was selling bomb making equipment to the Iranians, which they then used to blow up US troops in Iraq. Definitely an international crime, yet Farshid wants to hang out the rest of his life in North London.
Sometimes the Brits are too nice to their guests, and this comes home in a new book by Sarah Lyall, titled "A Field Guide to the British". She is the New York Times London correspondent. The Daily Mail put it across rather point blank, "Why are you Brits such drunks?"
Well, maybe with all the terrorists and Gary McKinnon living here they are under stress. The US has helped out England before and so will again. BTW, Mckinnon has lost his case with Jacqui Smith, and a commenter on this blog, Glenda21 who put her comment up on Oct 11 has been proven wrong. She is in the minority; I might point out that a lot of Brits hate Gary Mckinnon, such as Sue Edley who works at the US Embassy. She wants him to fry, as did Ed Gibson, who also worked at the Embassy, though he is American, worked then for the FBI.
So, Farshid, Gary, and anyone else, better sober up.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Singles meets in London

~ A list of singles dating clubs might be of interest to those of you not already hitched. Try your luck with the following and let us know what they are worth!


& and $

Last three days of trading the buck lost a bit at 1.753, then gained to trade at 1.732 and 1.721. Markets are in turmoil but ought to recover.

Losing your self

Earlier this week the folks at the Independent had a lot of letters sent in from the usual crowd that opposes law and order and ID cards. One guy asked what would happen if your ID card was stolen. Good point, but this does not invalidate the need for identity and security. Has he not been listening to the likes of Tommy Thompson, who spent months working for Applied Digital Solutions, the Florida company which has perfected a microchip that thieves cannot steal. That's right, thieves may break in and take you money, moths may eat your clothes, and rust may corrode your metal, but this product is not for those characters to hurt or steal. Digital Angel it is called, and it can protect your money, your identity and your life. Check it out! This is revolutionary.

Computer Terrorist in London

Today Gary McKinnon's pals will be marching at the Home Office to try to get him to stay free to do more crimes. A couple of weeks ago they were at the US Embassy on the same stupid protest.
A bunch of retarted people asking for criminals to go free if they could claim they were nerds.
We need to make sure this does not set a precedent - email Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, at smithjj@parliament.uk and tell her your desire for a safe world where cyber terrorist nerds are safely locked away. Otherwise, who knows, you could be his next victim.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Does Sarah Palin read this blog?

Question: What's the difference between Osama and Obama?
One had friends who want to bomb the Pentagon and the US Capitol, the other has friends who want to bomb the Pentagon and the US Capitol. Right, that's sorted out. And Sarah Palin helped the Obama crowd with that very equation on Sunday, two weeks to the day after I wrote about the terrorists who Palin notes Obama "pals around with." Indeed he does.
But true to form, the left wing press is out to avoid the facts. Take Guy Adams in yesterday's Independent for instance, he writes that it appears to have scant basis in fact; perhaps he would like to read the aforementioned post, then rant? Fellow ranter Johann Hari, he or she, hard to tell, claims in the same paper that John McCain is wrong about the job our troops are doing in Iraq. How would Hari know? Has he really spent time there? For those of us with not so short memories, he was caught out lying about his foray into Iraq when he claimed he was there in the outskirts for a month; more like a forthnight in the Green Zone, being protected by the troops he so criticises.
But that's the left wing press for you. Trying to protect terrorists all over the world. We need a President who will out them right and left, especially those who are teaching at left wing universities in the Homeland.

£ and $

The buck closed Friday and Monday at 1.773 and 1.741 against the pound. It seems to have strengthened well after the bailout got through.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Speak English!

The Guardian is proud to tell the story of a school in Brighton where the childrend speak 55 languages, so they are using sign language to communicate. Ever hear of Wolod? That's just one of the languages. Tower of Babel.
Why can't they learn to speak English in England? And what will happen in the US - will we speak to each other in sign language and learn Wolod?
Remember what happened to the Tower of Babel.

£ and $

The buck strengthened for two days in a row, opening at 1.771 and 1.761 these last two days.

Cleaning house

The other day Boris Johnson, the Conservative Mayor of London, fired Sir Ian Blair, the police chief. This happens in politics. But instead of just putting a want ad in the Times for a new chief,
there is now a big discussion with one Jacqueline Smith at the Home Office who claims she wanted to be consulted.
Well, tough luck. She is just playing politics. Boris has a city to run, and can get crime down if she does not interfere. And while we're talking about her, she is sitting on a request not to let Gary Mckinnon be extradited for his crimes against humanity. What is she waiting for? She is earning the name Jackass Smith.
Gary must be exradited as he is a threat to humanity. We have no doubt that Boris would have
kicked Gary out of her ages ago - incidentally, America is Boris's birthplace, so Boris would understand these things better. Born in the USA, I say.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Conservatives UK

The Daily Mail yesterday covered the Conservative Party conference extensively, Ian Drury, James Chapman and Peter Oborne all weighing in on the heavy event. Chapman takes several paragraphs to tell us of Shadow Chancellor George Osborne's speech, which was something like the Chopin Funeral March in Bflat minor "All rather terrifying, really. At noon George Osborne entered with funeral tread, inspected the blinking masses coldly in the eye, and announced that we're all jiggered. Completely. Kaput. Terminado. Gulp."
Chapman notes that Osborne usually delivers his sermons with wise cracks, but the subject matter I guess did not permit of such levity.
Due to years of unchecked mortgage and other lending, we have a problem, and it does not help that Hank Paulson cannot do his job to fix it without Democrats making it hard, if not impossible, to proceed. The world economy could be a right mess. A McCain victory would ease the markets, an experienced man at the helm always soothes the nerves. For the sake of the world, let us get in McCain and sort out this mess. Then Osborne can get back to his wise cracks.

Foot in Mouth at the Guardian

Portico Books will publish Martin Toseland's "A Steroid hit the Earth: The Catastrophic World of Misprints" next month. Yesterday's Daily Mail ran a selection of them, including:

'Corrections and Clairifications', from the Guardian.

'The bride was very upset when one of her little attendants accidentally stepped on her brain and tore it' Kent Messenger

'The first aid treatment for a broken rib is to apply a tight bandage after you have made your patient expire' Manchester Evening News

'The authorities at Ongar library have received a number of complaints about a card in the index file which read: SEX: SEE LIBARIAN. This has been changed. The new entry reads: SEX: FOR SEX, ASK AT THE DESK' Eastern Gazette

£ and $

Tuesday the buck eased up, it was 1.813 to the pound, and it rose again today, with trading starting at around 1.784.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Miliband goes bananas

I could not resist a bit of conservative humor here, as today the UK Conservative Party had a life size image of David Miliband hading out free bananas. While I could not find it on the google image search, here is one of the real Miliband going bananas...

£ and $

The buck was quoted at 1.839 to the pound, down about .007 from Friday.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Amazing architecture in Bedford Square

Front and side images of the DRL TEN Pavilion in Bedford Square, WC1, SW corner or Bedford Square. Alan Dempsey and Alvin Huang of the Design Research Lab developed this for an Architectural Association competition. It uses 13mm fiber reinfoced concrete panels which are usually used for cladding. This really is an impressive structure with a light, friendly feel to it. Could not help admiring the spontaneity and originality, along with the functionalism. I imagine we may see more of these in the future. It holds about 10 people.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Wired Link

Click here to read Kevin Poulsen's latest expose on Gary McKinnon in Wired News.

From Russia with Love

When you think of Russia, what comes to mind? Snow, vodka...and cracking - that is, advanced forms of hacking. Pirate hacking software sells along with candy and newpapers, it is now a part of the culture just like hotdogs are to Americans. No surprise that Russia is the mother of all bank hacks and child porn. When they arrest a cracker comrade red handed, all they do with is ask him to work for the FSB (the new improved KGB). The better crackers are protected by the hiearchy - and vice versa. In March of 2000, just as Novaya Gazeta was about to run some articles on financial irregularities in the Putin campaign, the pages disappeared from their site.
Three guesses who did it, and no, it was not the CIA.

Russian and Iran hacking into military websites

As we sleep here in the West, the wicked around the world are at it 24/7. A spate of hacking incidents in the US, Israel and our allies has evinced a bellicosity that is of grave concern. Reston Va. firm iDefense has been able to ascertain that the recent attack on Lithuanian state computers emanated from Russia. These attacks shut down the National Ethics Body and the Securities and Exchange Commission inter alia. Kimberly Zenz of iDefense noted the fact that a similar attack on Estonian systems also emanated from the Russians, noting hack-wars.ru as playing a central role. Ha'aretz reported this summer on Iranian attacks on Israeli computer systems, and Today.AZ outed the Russians intel services for attacks on Azerbaijan government computer systems.
Should this be more widely aired? Yes, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, NSA and DIA have all come to similar conclusions lately regarding the source of cyber hacking - it is embedded in Western countries, where the Russians and Iranians all have agents. Liberal campuses are often hotbeds of espionage, and the more computer literate students are turned into traitors by dint of filthy lucre.
So the world is like a ticking time bomb, the 5th columnists working away at their laptops at a college campus near you. The recent case of Gary Mckinnon in the US serves to highlight this concern; he is a Western hacker who got into the Pentagon, he claims, from a home computer with a 56K modem...OK, we believe it, but Kevin Poulsen of Wired News is not buying this or the nerd syndrome defense. I've been on the web to read Poulsen's article and found lots of ignorance and anti-Americanism. Read it and weep.
Due to the large multi-national community in the UK, both the Russians and the Iranians have been able to operate more freely and hook people like Gary Mckinnon. Recently the Russians also poisoned a UK citizen, former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, under the noses of MI6 - and just footsteps away from the US Embassy. The Iranians shot a UK policewoman from their embassy. It is an undeclared war.
But despite all this, tomorrow, supporters of cyber terrorist Gary McKinnon will also be footsteps away from the US Embassy - some with support from Americans here who hate America and Israel. The battleground, however, is not limited to these spaces or even entire countries, it is in cyber space and must be fough there tooth and nail; spy vs spy, and; mouse vs. mouse.

Friday, 26 September 2008

£ and $

The buck lifted yesterday, opening this morning at 1.825 against the pound.

Democrats block bill for bailout

Despite Senator McCain's efforts to back the bailout proposal that Bush sensibly wanted to aid America, and the world, Democrats have thwarted our hopes. Instead they will have money to spend on abortions and other frivolous programs. And '60 terrorists who teach our kids at universities in the Obama state.
The UK is already feeling the bad effects of this stubbornness. Today the mood in the City, where I just spent the afternoon, is sombre. The pubs are full with the usual Friday afternoon crowd, but this is not an indication of financial health, rather, there are lots of financial services workers out drowning their presentiments in alcohol. One young banker I talked to from HSBC told me flat out it was the beginning of the end. An hour later he was drunk, but not as drunk as the parties in the US who brought this on us with irresponsible lending and stubborn veto tactics.
The bad news is the headline of the Evening Standard here, and it sent a shudder up and down Threadneedle Street and the vicinity.
So have a good weekend, but you better brace for the worst.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

£ and $

The buck gained .001 against the pound in yesterday's trading, to open this morning at
1.852. Small change, unless you happened to be changing in a million pounds, in which case
you would be about a $500 difference. But that is just small change to many people...

When Sarah met Sarah

Last night in New York, Sarah Palin met Sarah Brown. It does not sound exciting that first line, except of course that Brown lives at 10 Downing Street and Palin is looking to move house
to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Brown was co-hosting a dinner for the White Ribbon Alliance, a charitable organisation whose aim is to improve the health of women and their babies. Other co-hosts were Queen Rania of Jordan and Wendi Deng, wife to Rupert Murdoch. Elle McPherson and the Duchess of York were also in attendance. To add to the excitement, Mr Brown will be in New York to address the UN tomorrow. Whilst he is away from the UK, expect the mice to play.
In Washington Bush is calling for a $700 billion dollar bank bailout, and Senator John McCain has the grace to attend rather than debate his Arab-American opponent, who hails from a state that puts known terrorists in jobs at the univeristy (see previous post on the Weathtermen and Barack Obama).
We live in interesting times...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

£ and $

The buck opened this morning at 1.853, unchanged from the day before.

Afghans in New York

Yesterday Sarah Palin met a real life Afghan, Hamid Karzai - who travelled all the way from Kabul to meet her. She also met with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. Wonder if she asked either of them about the drug trade?
Probably not. But we hope this abates with another four years of republican leadership.
To follow the campaign, click on www.johnmccain.com and see how it is progressing.
Here in London everyone is wondering if Brown will stay on, and Miliband, ever the geek, is trying hard to tell us he is not a usurper. His eyes are not on the crown, he says, he is just hanging around. Will Brown last? Maybe not - even a kiss from his wife Sarah did not do much as a minister quit today. Personally I like Brown and think the press is making too much of it,
ministers quit for various reasons and they did not state the reason. So let's not jump to conclusions. Anyway, stability is better for any nation and we hope the Brits the best.
This Sunday, however, a few of the rowdy crowd will march on the US Embassy to - get this -
ask for a pardon for a dangerous computer hacker who got into Pentagon websites - more
dangerous than Matthew Bevan who in turn was almost as dangerous as Hitler.
OK, whatever. Kevin Poulsen already wrote a very good piece on Wired News so google it and see, I did manage to leave a comment at the end.
Justice is justice and hackers, those who were partly responsible for 9/11, as Gary McKinnon was, have got to go.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

£ and $

The dollar lost about 1% against the pound according to this morning's quote, which was 1.853 to the pound.

Birds Eye View

Yesterday I went on the Eye, that impressive feature on the South Bank. It takes about 45 minutes the whole thing, you get on ski lift style and share a capsule with a bunch of strangers. I heard at least three different languages spoken in mine, not a word of which I understood. Je parle un peu francais but that's it.
I highly recommend the experience, all you need to know will be at www.londoneye.com so click on that and you're all set to ride 500 feet up in a 10 ton capsule! Tremendous views of the whole city stretching for miles, as if on a train out west in slow motion.

Monday, 22 September 2008

£ and $

The dollar opened at 1.831 to the pound today, edging down just a bit over the weekend.

Rabbi Obama

David Toube in the Jewish Chronicle for this week points out that one of Obama's wife's cousins is a rabbi. A black one, converted from having been in the American Methodist Episcopal Church. From the cross to the draidl he spun. OK, no problem with that. But bear in mind that his brand of Judaism is not exactly what Mamonoides or Ehud Olmert would be into.
Being from the US, I recongnized exactly what kind of synagogue this is - it is akin to the Nation of Israel which claimed real Jews were black. They stood around Times Square in New York trying to peddle this, and no surprise they got little response. Not far removed, physically or ideologically, there were other groups of African-Americans who called themselves the Nation of Islam, and most Moslem groups were not keen to get in with them. For years they preached through loudspeakers in Times Square that the white man was the devil. In prison this group was big, lots of drug dealers suddenly became adherents in the Tombs. Once the handcuffs came off, they were reading the Koran.
Their free speech was not appreciated by most New Yorkers, including fellow Moslems and the many law abiding African Americans who did not want them to represent their community. A non-partisan petition was signed, and finally acted on by Mayor Giuliani in the '90s. Now they are gone, along with the many sex shops that were so much an eyeore in the heart of the Big Apple.
Speaking of Giuliani, I have to admit I was in favor of his bid for presidency, and still do not understand why it got scuppered, but that is history, and McCain is running, so I support him. Especially in light of the strange religious connections that Obama has; on one hand, he seems to hang out with anti-Semites, on the other, he has a rabbi for a cousin; or is his cousin an anti-Semite in disguise - and will he be preaching that the white man, most Jews included, are the devil? I hope simply that I never find out. Some day in the future, I hope, Obama will be but a footnote in history, and he will be sitting at the back of a church, or shul, wiser for his loss.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

An ill wind blowing

In the '60s a group of terrorists called the Weathermen made a bid for anarchy with homemade bombs. One of their recipes failed in 1970, killing their own members in Greenwich Village, though this was not their aim; they had wanted the concoction to kill police in New Jersey. While the bumbling bomb makers missed the Garden State police, they did end up killing police in New York, when they pulled off a Brinks truck robbery, which resulted in the deaths of the guard and two NY State Troopers. In 1980 William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn turned themselves in. But they got no prison time, thanks to the left wing ideology in the courts. In fact, they got lucrative gigs at left wing Chicago schools and lots of speaking royalties. Maybe Osama bin Laden is next on the ex-terrorist circuit. If he is, he might be warmly welcomed by Barack Hussein Obama, who was so welcomed by Ayers and Dohrn. They served together on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago (1999-2002), and Obama was introduced to left wing power brokers by these two idiots. True to form, Obama stabbed his mentor, Alice Palmer, in the back and got her thrown off the bandwagon. Serves her right though, as she it was who initially introduced Obama to the terrorists. Ayers, during his term on the board with Obama, was noted as telling the New York Times "I don't regret setting bombs; I feel we didn't do enough." What more would he have wanted to do? It sends a chill up the spine. He was responsible for 25 bombings and how many other acts of terrorism? Yet all that was not enough...
The weathermen of today have chilled out, but we do have to endure ad nauseum reports of global warming, or, as it has been rebranded, climate change. This nonsense has made a chunk of change for Al Gore, who travels around the world with his hot air telling people they ought not to fly. Your tax monies could all be cracked up to this addiction, and US industry could suffer terrible setbacks from it. Here in the UK misguided climate change activists got off after acts of vandalism in the southeast, the jury accepting a defense that they were trying to save the world or some such nonsense. Maybe they are all linked up, some lefty global network stretching from the caves of Afghanistan to the universities in Chicago - all grabbing for the White House.
Their friendships, however, seem to fall apart every so often. No surprise there, it just shows they are fair weather friends; and with such, we would not need enemies. This November if you're an American let's keep them out and get in the best we can.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Baby Killers

This month Sarah Palin took a lot of heat from the usual suspects. They get a woman on the ticket - after they rejected Hillary - and they scream. Why? Partly because Sarah Palin chose to go forward with her pregnancy when her baby was diagnosed with Down's synrome.
But if she had murdered the foetus in the womb, crushed its skull and all, she would be OK.
Go figure. Right to kill ought to be the Democrat motto, ever wonder why the donkey is their

£ and $

The dollar strengthened a couple of weeks ago against the pound, quite possibly due to measures the Bush administration took to control the fincancial problems in the sub prime mortgage housing market - which those of us with not so short memories might recall was created by Bill
Clinton against the advice of many Republicans.
It was trading at $1.78 and Friday was $1.82, after being around $2 for a while. That makes it more affordable for Americans to visit London, and, this time of year, flights are down. But make sure you don't book your flight on a fly by night firm or you may not fly at all, which is what has happened here to some 300,000 people!
This blog will give updates on the pound/dollar exchange rate on a weekly, if not daily, basis.
One way to strengthen the old buck is to get in a senior statesman as President, watch the market rally as McCain wins in November.


Just need to put a useful link here till I get to putting proper links on the side.
http://www.raukonline.org/ is for Republicans Abroad UK.

Saddam Hussein for President

My last post exhorted people to vote. Then I realised the irony of what it would be like to become and Obamanation. After spending years getting rid of Saddam Hussein, we would
then be getting Barack Hussein Osama, I mean, Obama, sorry, hard to type here, you know,
you miss a key and say what you really mean, I mean, what you're not supposed to mean...
know what I mean?

One bad bean for 4 years could really spoil the harvest....

So let us ponder the consequences of such an event and not take any chances.

Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin and let's keep America safe.
Let me look into my crystal ball today and tell the world what will happen on November 5
2008. That will be when we know who is boss in the US. And I know how it will be.
As Tim Spangler said in a Washington Post interview on April 20 this year, we live in an era
of 50.0001% vs 49.9999% elections.
That means, if 100,000,000 American vote, 100 people determine the vote. And in one comi-tragic real life example, even less can be crucial - a Congressman in New England lost a few years ago by one vote; he himself had not bothered to vote that day. I bet he does now.
Writing from London, where some 300,000 US voters reside, I am concerned.
I said I would predict the future; but I stop short of saying whether McCain, Obama, or, who knows, McKinney or Nader get in - I predict that there will be lots of voters gritting their teeth
when they hear that the winner got in by a thin margin, and wondering if they and their friends
had not betrayed their nation by going out to drink, or staying in to watch the idiot box, rather
than voting. If the vote is 50/50 among American in London, then 150,000 could vote either way...or stay in and watch some jerk on TV.
My feeling is that McCain will win, and that by a very small margin, and we will go into the future with a thankful heart that RAUK - that is - Republicans Abroad UK - got their 150,000
people out to vote.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

First Post

Testing, testing.
OK. Mike has joined the blogosphere.
Got lots on my mind, what with all the news, mostly bad,
but I guarantee there will be good news on this blog you won't
find elsewhere. Today I read all about financial collapse and satanists
sacrificing teenagers in Russia, or the Soviet Union, or whatever it is called.
But enough bad news.
Good news is I am up and running.
So mark this blog and keep checking it for updates, leave comments,
take a break from bad news.

For those Americans living in the UK this will be THE blog!
And you can send in anything you want posted by emailing me at