Monday, 20 October 2008

Frying Gary McKinnonn and smoking out terrorists

Catching terrorists is hard work, but some simple techniques work quite well. Talk about certain subjects and see what response you get. On this blog, in just 5 weeks, I have gotten dozens of comments and have been able to both communicate with the terrorists and get them to give themselves away. One fantasist claims he is RAF and USAF trained, and then threatens to cause the US $47bn worth of damage so as to wipe out Homeland Security. He may only be a fantasist, but his intentions are pure evil and have to be countered.
Another person hints at breaking the law and aiding and abetting Gary McKinnon to evade capture. So we have been able to beat the bushes in advance of our securing British cyber terrorist Gary McKinnon - the tactics of the enemy have been given away, now we smoke them out. Gary Mckinnon will have to talk and tell us about the other cyber terrorists he was working with, surely, he could not have broken into our computers with a 56K modem. We don't deny he may have been drunk and stoned, all the more is it apparent that he had Russian and Iranian help - see previous posts on Russian hackers.
The person intent on breaking the law (see comment to post on 18 Oct) has severe psychological problems, and threatens the US too. We may have to deal with him, teach him a lesson other Brits will respect us for. In fact, now he has posted, it will be fun to find out who he is, as we have done with others, so watch this blog for some real action. Another week and we may have Osama bin Laden confessing. Would not be surprised if he in not in London, we should have been looking here all along. Maybe he can share the ride with Gary McKinnon and then the jail cell and a few late night interrogations!

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