Friday, 28 November 2008

Gary McKinnon: Only a Fool

Our hacker friend, Gary McKinnon, has ironically written a song called "Only a Fool."
I have not heard it, but I have to admit that the title is apt. Wonder what they lyrics are...
only a fool would hack into the Pentagon,
only a fool would support him,
only a fool would question 9/11,
or leave a message on our computers that it was an inside job.

only a fool would stick up for him,
and only a fool would sing songs at the O2,
but then again, George Michael is not know for being wise,
he's only a fool in any guise.

My very first set of rock'n'roll lyrics!

Maybe to be sung to the tune of Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

£ and $

Buck went from 1.508, to 1.591,1.579,1.513 and closed yesterday at 1.535.

Monday, 24 November 2008

The Walworth Farce

Last week I had the joy of attending Enda Walsh's play, "The Walworth Farce." It was absolutely fabulous, funny to the end. Little wonder it won the Edinburgh Fringe First Award 2007. I highly recommend it, but sadly, there is little time left to see it - it runs till 29 November. All the best trying to get a seat, but here is the necessary info: It is at the National Theater (pictured above, the concrete complex on the South Bank), phone is 020 7452 3000, ,
tix are £10, 20 & 29. I won't give the plot away, but suffice to say it involved some Irish men in a pub and lots of dead bodies...lots of fun.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


When the war broke out in 2001, a friend of mine was prepared. He got out his left hand side drive US Army jeep and made his presence known in London, particularly West London. People got the message. The war went really well, we got lots of insurgents and awful people are now in Guantanamo Bay atoning for their stupidity. Onlookers used to cheer him on for his act.
But now something has gone very wrong. A newly elected leader is about to release the terrorists into society - it seems his party, the Democrats, have a habit of releasing criminals who then turn on the citizens. They like to make the same mistake as many times as they can get away with it. Dumb and dumber could not compete with their selfish antics.
So the jeep may not just be a symbolic gesture of one man's support for his country, its allies and the troops, it may be de rigeur for every man how loves his freedom. Terrorists with guns, and some with laptops, like Gary Mckinnon, will be threatening your life. And it seems now that Gary McKinnon has got the support of some rag head musicians who, in empathy with towel heads, want these people out on the streets. They belong in jail getting their a&$ kicked and kicked hard. On Inauguration Day, 20th January 2009, expect a line of jeeps in Washington to remind the boy who never served what real men are like.

Bomb, bomb bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

In a lighthearted moment Sen. John McCain sang and old Beach Boys #,
with new lyrics. It ought to be framed and signed into policy - not just
this hope and change nonsense that Obama bin Laden is about, but a real,
tangible policy that will make the world safe.
Otherwise some wise guy with a towel on his head will be bombing Washington.
All this talk about the Secret Service keeping our Kenyan friend safe from white
supremacists is bunk. He needs to be kept safe from his own policies.
And maybe learn to sing.
Then we could teach the world to sing.
It's about freedom.

£ and $

The greenback is on a roll, as the bailout which was put in place before the incoming administration could get in and mess things up.
Thus the buck has closed at 1.524, 1.464, 1.479, 1.499 and 1.495.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Making sense

Our world is suffering a lot of troubled idealists. If we understand that many of these are paid by the Iranian and Russian regimes, then we can breathe a little easier. Much of what has been said on this site has been part of a trap to bring these people out, and they are now posting in high pitched squeals as they realize we are on to them. The inane rants of genco21, an out-of-work guitarist in Essex, who takes money from Russian agents in London, and Neil inThailand, who in his own words hopes to recruit 649 people to cause financial panic in the US, are only signs of their distress at being caught out. Sometimes we went over the top here to elicit some response from them, gaining their IP addresses in the process, and an understanding of their methods.
They are part of a team of cyber terrorists posing as leftists. But how lefty can anyone be when they send emails describing their elitist weapons training and their plans to cause widespread damage to humanity? They are clearly linked to the likes of Red Ken who started a psy ops campaign against the US Embassy with his congestion charge, and then invited Arab terrorists to share the stage with him in London. So far left he is now left out.
The future may well hold a lot of trouble for the world, as the Obama regime sets up camp in the White House, but there will be a backlash of people wishing to rein him in. True patriots they are called. What do they want? Just to make sense, and live free. Live free or die. That sums it up.

£ and $

The buck went up and up, closing at 1.579, 1.577 and 1.542. Expect it to reach 1.25 by the end of the year.

Friday, 7 November 2008

£ and $

The buck has got stronger despite the Obama win, it closed at 1.589, 1.605 two days in a row, and then went back up to 1.587.

Gary Mckinnon to face the music

Gary McKinnon did something stupid last week. He tried to get sympathy! Myspace had on a song he wrote and it got lots of stupid people listening in. Well, guess what, we took it off! Stilted the guy's song. Now he ain't singing nothin' but de blues! Waiting for his ass beatings in a US prison just might inspire more warbles, but we are not gonna be buying his jam session. Pull the plug I say, Ed Gibson was quite eloquent, he's gonna fry.
Fry! And then there's this illegal alien by the name of B. Hussein Osama - born in Kenya, lied to the feds about it, and probably killed his grandma so she wouldn't talk. She was in ICU after he flew out to see her, guess who slipped her some drugs. But we have family members from Africa land who are gonna sing! So don't expect Obama bin Laden to turn the US into an obamanation on 20 January.
And oh, Jacqui Smith turned down Gary McKinnon's latest appeal for a judicial review. Just like all the Brits who work at the US Embassy here in London, she hates Gary McKinnon.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dirty tricks by Obama bin Laden

In June of this year, the 18th to be precise, Larry Sinclair, flanked by his lawyer Montgomery Blair Sibley, spilled the beans on Obama. Sinclair, who is a gay prostitute and drug dealer, told of his exploits in the back of a limo with the candidate in 1999. It was worse than Clinton; Sinclair was doing a Lewinsky on him and selling him drugs.
He got to the National Press Club in Washington and it was packed, so he was asked to go on early. He finished at the time he would have gone on, at which point police came and arrested him on a trumped up warrant. Sent by whom? We can only guess.
America is in trouble if Obama gets in. Real trouble.
Let's get out and vote for the right people, those who served in Vietnam and have raised good families - not those who have aunts who are illegal aliens.

£ and $

The dollar edged up yesterday to close at 1.583.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Illegal aliens, Obama bin Laden and Gary McKinnon

Homeland Security is on the lookout for an aunt of B. Hussein Obama; her name is Neituni Onyango and she is an illegal alien - as he may well be if indeed his birthplace is not quite in the US of A. She was told to leave 4 years ago, but decided to break the law. Now the law is going to break her.
She may have dangerous delusions, such as thoughts of moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which she hopes will be a hangout for terrrorists and illegal aliens. Tomorrow is D Day. Let's hope the right side wins, no pun intended.
Here in the UK some dimwits are petitioning the government not to allow Gary McKinnon to serve his time in the US. What are they afraid of? He may get beat up and raped? At least we are not asking him to move in with illegal aliens with funny names.

£ and $

On rumours of an Obama win, the dollar lost tremendously last week, closing at 1.64 against the pound on Wednesday, then settling back to 1.639 and 1.617 on Friday.