Tuesday, 10 March 2009

In the middle of a jihad training camp

Back I am in Londonistan...and just now folks, I am sitting in the middle of what looks just like a jihad training camp. All around me Moslems illegaly smoke houkahs (Palm Palace) and eat halal meat on Edgeware Road. Talk about ~K~e~b~a~b~i~s~t~a~n!
Friends stayed the night at the Victory Services Club, where common sense prevails, as if in an oasis. We went up to see Bob in Ealing, where again, it was like little Afghanistan, or what the fuckistan. Stanhope, Stanmore, Stanford...See what I mean? As my uncle once told me, stay out of the Stan lands.
But it's all turning that way. Back in America - just look at Detroit, Brooklyn, these hearts of the homeland are turning stan. It's sad. But we have a plan, make a new plan, Stan...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Terrorists are now out and coming to a home near you

While I cannot view my own blog, as it is blocked to me for some reason, I can at least post and hope it comes up as well as I intended. Just perusing the news a moment ago, I have found out that terrorists are being let out of Guantanamo Prison and they are on the way to the UK. Expect the taxpayer to foot this bill.
And guess who is here, still, on British soil? The notorious hacker who caused a standdown on 9/11 - Gary McKinnon. Bad enough that British Lord Carlisle wants to allow him to stay here -
at taxpayer expense, but that John Gutheinz, a former US special agent, is arguing the same.
As soon as I get this little technical glitch figured out, I will get a petition going to send Gary over
IMMEDIATELY. Enough is enough.
Well, well, back at the blog but it may be that the powers that be, which soon shall not be -
have blocked me from viewing my own blog! Thus I will leave this note about their interference and go resolve this trifling issue. Freedom of speech is my right, and this blog is where I exercise it, so expect to hear more from me soon!

Pounds, pence and dollars

Back to the blog. The pound is stabilizing at about $1.42, and will likely stay there till the reality of this Obama administration sets in. Then expect the dollar to drop, against all currencies.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

All hell breaking loose in '09

Much as we all hope the year will be good, and it will be in many ways, we are off to a very bad start. As of 20 January it is open season on decent people, as terrorists have gained significant ground. Obama/Osama has ordered all of them released from Gitmo, and so now we are going to see more and more attacks.
I got back to Britain a couple of weeks ago to hear that instead of having extradited Gary McKinnon, he is now up to more legal games and there is very much the chance that he will stay free to terrorise more. We need to start microchipping people to keep track of all the dangerous lunatics in the world, but Obama/Osama has lost sight of that.
But, there things aside, let us strive to order the world around us in as positive a way as possible and overcome.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Year's Resolve

Welcome to the New Year, already two weeks' old.
We must strive to make this a better world. The credit crunch, terrorism,
computer hackers, there are the things we need to abolish.
Sadly, a new president takes the helm with no experience to his name,
other than campaigning. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone, whatever your background.
May the New Year be safe and prosperous!