Tuesday, 27 January 2009

All hell breaking loose in '09

Much as we all hope the year will be good, and it will be in many ways, we are off to a very bad start. As of 20 January it is open season on decent people, as terrorists have gained significant ground. Obama/Osama has ordered all of them released from Gitmo, and so now we are going to see more and more attacks.
I got back to Britain a couple of weeks ago to hear that instead of having extradited Gary McKinnon, he is now up to more legal games and there is very much the chance that he will stay free to terrorise more. We need to start microchipping people to keep track of all the dangerous lunatics in the world, but Obama/Osama has lost sight of that.
But, there things aside, let us strive to order the world around us in as positive a way as possible and overcome.

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