Tuesday, 10 March 2009

In the middle of a jihad training camp

Back I am in Londonistan...and just now folks, I am sitting in the middle of what looks just like a jihad training camp. All around me Moslems illegaly smoke houkahs (Palm Palace) and eat halal meat on Edgeware Road. Talk about ~K~e~b~a~b~i~s~t~a~n!
Friends stayed the night at the Victory Services Club, where common sense prevails, as if in an oasis. We went up to see Bob in Ealing, where again, it was like little Afghanistan, or what the fuckistan. Stanhope, Stanmore, Stanford...See what I mean? As my uncle once told me, stay out of the Stan lands.
But it's all turning that way. Back in America - just look at Detroit, Brooklyn, these hearts of the homeland are turning stan. It's sad. But we have a plan, make a new plan, Stan...