Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dirty tricks by Obama bin Laden

In June of this year, the 18th to be precise, Larry Sinclair, flanked by his lawyer Montgomery Blair Sibley, spilled the beans on Obama. Sinclair, who is a gay prostitute and drug dealer, told of his exploits in the back of a limo with the candidate in 1999. It was worse than Clinton; Sinclair was doing a Lewinsky on him and selling him drugs.
He got to the National Press Club in Washington and it was packed, so he was asked to go on early. He finished at the time he would have gone on, at which point police came and arrested him on a trumped up warrant. Sent by whom? We can only guess.
America is in trouble if Obama gets in. Real trouble.
Let's get out and vote for the right people, those who served in Vietnam and have raised good families - not those who have aunts who are illegal aliens.


Neil said...

Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!! Watching ABC News LIVE here in sultry Bangkok, I see that Barack Hussein Obama II, the junior US Senator from Illinois is now president elect. Fantastic!!!

Other good news includes Democratic Party gains in the House and Senate and I'm so proud to have participated and voted for this historic change we need.

Oh, I'm sorry Mike (if that's truly your real name; which I doubt) you were saying?

I hope you can learn humility from this and you will now cease your anti-American diatribe.

Genco21 said...

I saw that press conference, it was fantastic in every sense of the word.

His lawyer (barred from practicing law in some states) was wearing a kilt. I think he said it was because his dick was so big.

Larry Sinclair himself, (a wanted man in Arizona, convicted of various types of fraud) offered up an amazing array of 'facts' and 'evidence' which got funnier and funnier. Is this the best you can do M.P.?

Or perhaps you'd like to play with President Elect Barack Hussein Obama's name a little more, as you clearly have nothing of substance to critisize him with.

I think what really identifies this story is the distance, the Republican party has tried to put between itself and this 5-minute-fame seeker. They even recognize that it's a more damaging to the Republicans than to Obama, with the implication that they may have funded it. Which I doubt they did. Republicans have all been urging us to ignore this nut-job as it show a distinct lack of savvy, judgement and tact to do so.

Not a problem for 'Mr Pasture', who does know the meaning of these words. Or terrorist for that matter.

Your average American however is not fooled by such crap talk, and on this glorious day, and elected Barack HUSSEIN Obama to be the next Presisent, and given control of the Senate to the Democrats.

My heart swells with joy.