Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Making sense

Our world is suffering a lot of troubled idealists. If we understand that many of these are paid by the Iranian and Russian regimes, then we can breathe a little easier. Much of what has been said on this site has been part of a trap to bring these people out, and they are now posting in high pitched squeals as they realize we are on to them. The inane rants of genco21, an out-of-work guitarist in Essex, who takes money from Russian agents in London, and Neil inThailand, who in his own words hopes to recruit 649 people to cause financial panic in the US, are only signs of their distress at being caught out. Sometimes we went over the top here to elicit some response from them, gaining their IP addresses in the process, and an understanding of their methods.
They are part of a team of cyber terrorists posing as leftists. But how lefty can anyone be when they send emails describing their elitist weapons training and their plans to cause widespread damage to humanity? They are clearly linked to the likes of Red Ken who started a psy ops campaign against the US Embassy with his congestion charge, and then invited Arab terrorists to share the stage with him in London. So far left he is now left out.
The future may well hold a lot of trouble for the world, as the Obama regime sets up camp in the White House, but there will be a backlash of people wishing to rein him in. True patriots they are called. What do they want? Just to make sense, and live free. Live free or die. That sums it up.


Genco21 said...

It's about time we had a new post. I've been telling my friends about your blog and they love it.

I think we all liked the 'Obama lied to the feds about his birthplace' comment best. 'Cos they're so easily fooled like that.

Please don't stop.

BTW Your info about me is old and inaccurate. I've never been out of work. I'm a great guitarist (playing most weekends) but it's only a hobby.

But you are right saying that I am a total lefty and proud of it so obviously I must be in the pocket of Russians or Commies or the Taliban or the that right?

Can we have some more posts on Palin please.

Got to go now - off to the Iranian Embassy to pick up my pay-check. I wonder if it will be in Pounds or Rial.

Neil said...

What a coincidence Paul, I was just off to the North Korean embassy to pick-up my won, although now they’ve made me a tempting offer; half in won, half in counterfeit greenbacks. To be honest, I like the idea of counterfeit greenbacks because I feel it is my contribution to creating a greener planet, after all – if I use dollars very kindly printed by the North Koreans, it means (despite the carbon footprint of importing them) they save the Bureau of Engraving and Printing the time, not to mention the ink and paper of having to print them.

On the subject of green, I personally think that living green or trying to live a greener life is very important for the future of this planet, so you can imagine how pleased I was when I thought that the host of this blog (a person who uses the psuedonym “Mike Pasture”) shared this virtue too. But no, the only ‘recycling’ “Mike” does is ‘recycle’ the same bigoted, racist, homophobic and defamatory messages of any small town redneck with a limited IQ (and an even more limited vocabulary) who; by living in London, is now unable to parade in public wearing a bed sheet and carry the cross to his weekly Ku Klux Klan meeting.

As someone previously wrote but the comment was censored, “Mike” you are a disgrace to America. Your views speak no more for Americans or your so-called generation than say the music of Kanye West (that was a joke btw, just incase you didn’t realize). “Mike”; sadly you are a legend in your own mind and once you “make sense” that not any of us truly “live free” lives, perhaps you will take some of your own ‘good’ advice and “die”.

January 20th, 2009 is going to be an auspicious occasion. I’ll wager that you and all your “true patriot” buddies can’t wait, eh? ROTFL

Live free “Mike”. “Live free or die”.

Neil said...

Postscript...THIS; please take a read of an article written and published by Associated Press writers today, is the true face of this blogger (who cowardly uses the psuedonym “Mike Pasture”) and his hate group gaggle of “true patriot” buddies.

Neil said...

OMGG (Oh My Golly Gosh - Thank you Derek Nimmo for that quote)!!! Is THIS what your "true patriots" have resorted to doing now? How sad!

What about a comment "Mike" (assuming of course you haven't already topped yourself) and how about providing us with your real name (you coward), so concerned citizens can notify the FBI of this hate blog, which obviously supports such actions.

I dunno [sic], if this kind of violence is the worst there has ever been for a president-elect, you can just imagine what it's going to be like say - when President Obama get's re-elected!

Neil said...

Oh and before I forget; this applies to everyone who has ever been defamed by, or received unsolicited email from this blogger; here is salient advice – from a reliable source about taking care of him/her.

""Mike Pasture"/"Homelanddude" appears to have forgotten the extremely tough libel laws which apply to him/her here in the UK. He/She is falsely accusing people, without any facts, of being Iranian or Russian spies.

If he/she harasses any of you with more than two emails then he/she can be arrested and prosecuted under the UK's Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

It is astonishing that he/she has betrayed the names of some British people apparently working at the US Embassy in London. That could very well get him/her up to 10 years in prison under the Terrorism Act 2000 section 58 collection of information.

If he/she has any sort of security clearance, it should be revoked immediately.

As Paul rightly says, it’s time for new material otherwise you could well discover “Mike” that it’s your sphincter a quivering in some dark, cold British gaol [sic]. How...apropos!