Monday, 3 November 2008

Illegal aliens, Obama bin Laden and Gary McKinnon

Homeland Security is on the lookout for an aunt of B. Hussein Obama; her name is Neituni Onyango and she is an illegal alien - as he may well be if indeed his birthplace is not quite in the US of A. She was told to leave 4 years ago, but decided to break the law. Now the law is going to break her.
She may have dangerous delusions, such as thoughts of moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which she hopes will be a hangout for terrrorists and illegal aliens. Tomorrow is D Day. Let's hope the right side wins, no pun intended.
Here in the UK some dimwits are petitioning the government not to allow Gary McKinnon to serve his time in the US. What are they afraid of? He may get beat up and raped? At least we are not asking him to move in with illegal aliens with funny names.

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