Wednesday, 19 November 2008


When the war broke out in 2001, a friend of mine was prepared. He got out his left hand side drive US Army jeep and made his presence known in London, particularly West London. People got the message. The war went really well, we got lots of insurgents and awful people are now in Guantanamo Bay atoning for their stupidity. Onlookers used to cheer him on for his act.
But now something has gone very wrong. A newly elected leader is about to release the terrorists into society - it seems his party, the Democrats, have a habit of releasing criminals who then turn on the citizens. They like to make the same mistake as many times as they can get away with it. Dumb and dumber could not compete with their selfish antics.
So the jeep may not just be a symbolic gesture of one man's support for his country, its allies and the troops, it may be de rigeur for every man how loves his freedom. Terrorists with guns, and some with laptops, like Gary Mckinnon, will be threatening your life. And it seems now that Gary McKinnon has got the support of some rag head musicians who, in empathy with towel heads, want these people out on the streets. They belong in jail getting their a&$ kicked and kicked hard. On Inauguration Day, 20th January 2009, expect a line of jeeps in Washington to remind the boy who never served what real men are like.


Genco21 said...

The mere use of the phrase rag-head catagorises this post.

Which religion are we getting at?

Surely Sikhism is more commonly associated with a turban? The Muslim men caught on CCTV commiting terrist acts mostly (but not always) had no head-wear.

More Neo-Nazi low-brow, red-neck trash...

..I was going to say dressed up as an opinion, but it isn't....

It's just red-neck, low-brow, neo-Nazi trash...

I've a question for you.

What is your country? It's not rhetorical.

Define it for me?


Neil said...

Oh Paul, thank you so much for your comment because I initially thought, seeing the picture of a dirty Jeep and reading the word “Cruising”, that “Mike” (the host of this blog) was decrying home secretary Jacqui Smith’s tougher stance yesterday on kerb crawling (and prostitution).

“Mike”, who regularly sent hate mail (until he was reminded of the UK’s tough libel laws) and who is known to have a very obvious penchant for everything pedophilia – 'must be smarting', I thought and so I simply didn’t read anything else until you (Paul) kindly provided your sane, intelligent commentary. Thanks again!

As for you “Mike”, having now read your latest gutter-ridden, low-brow, trailer-park-white-trash observation, if it wasn’t for the fact that you would unquestionably miss your brain by at least 5 feet 8 inches, I’d ask for you to pop a few caps into that vacuous head of yours.

“Live free or die” “Mike”!!!