Friday, 7 November 2008

Gary Mckinnon to face the music

Gary McKinnon did something stupid last week. He tried to get sympathy! Myspace had on a song he wrote and it got lots of stupid people listening in. Well, guess what, we took it off! Stilted the guy's song. Now he ain't singing nothin' but de blues! Waiting for his ass beatings in a US prison just might inspire more warbles, but we are not gonna be buying his jam session. Pull the plug I say, Ed Gibson was quite eloquent, he's gonna fry.
Fry! And then there's this illegal alien by the name of B. Hussein Osama - born in Kenya, lied to the feds about it, and probably killed his grandma so she wouldn't talk. She was in ICU after he flew out to see her, guess who slipped her some drugs. But we have family members from Africa land who are gonna sing! So don't expect Obama bin Laden to turn the US into an obamanation on 20 January.
And oh, Jacqui Smith turned down Gary McKinnon's latest appeal for a judicial review. Just like all the Brits who work at the US Embassy here in London, she hates Gary McKinnon.

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