Friday, 7 November 2008

£ and $

The buck has got stronger despite the Obama win, it closed at 1.589, 1.605 two days in a row, and then went back up to 1.587.

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Genco21 said...

Do your reference books have elves and pixies on the front?

Would you like some real inside info?

This is from someone who should know but only seems to get it right about 80% of the time.

she says : "there is no legal reason why Gary McKinnon is not arrested an shipped immediately. The political pressure is the only thing preventing this at the moment. Jacqui Smith is reluctant to go against the vast feeling in the British public without assurances of McKinnon's treatment. She expects to get these assurances.

McKinnon will soon be arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to 6-10 years. Spend 3-6 months in a relaxed prison and be sent back to the U.K for the rest of his sentence, where his legal team will have him out within a few weeks."

Now apart from the fact that he is being tried by a U.S. court and spending time in a U.S. prison, this doesn't seem too wrong. I would rather he was dealt with properly by the British judicial system. The principle still grates but, you knew that anyway.

I hope that his Asperger's Syndrome condition is given due consideration. It is not a total excuse, but must be taken into account when sentencing. And before you pour scorn on his syndrome, the leading professionals who have met him say in their expert opinion that he has this condition, so your half-wit diagnosis or doubt is worthless.

On B.H.O.

How stupid do you think the Feds are?
Of course he wasn't born in Kenya, you dopey prick!

You like to talk about terrorism.
A terrorist is someone who tries to persuade or intimidate through fear or terror.

You are such a person. You've created this character "Mike Pasture", spouted the most unpatriotic lies and low-brow rhetoric. All attempts to link President-elect Obama to terrorism, Islam and even murder are an attempt to put fear into the US public.

That is what makes you a terrorist.

And most laughable is the claim that he works at the US embassy. As if they would tolerate this treasonous nut you've invented.