Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Terrorist in North London

It seems that the worst enemy is the one on your doorstep. This week we found out there was a terrorist in our backyard. I had a chat with Dave Meadows at the Dept of Homeland Security here in London, and he tells me this is about as bad as the Gary McKinnon case - Farshid Gillardian. The name is Iranian, sounds Armenian, but the guy claims he is Jewish. Definitely not kosher. Farshid, rhymes with Farsi, was selling bomb making equipment to the Iranians, which they then used to blow up US troops in Iraq. Definitely an international crime, yet Farshid wants to hang out the rest of his life in North London.
Sometimes the Brits are too nice to their guests, and this comes home in a new book by Sarah Lyall, titled "A Field Guide to the British". She is the New York Times London correspondent. The Daily Mail put it across rather point blank, "Why are you Brits such drunks?"
Well, maybe with all the terrorists and Gary McKinnon living here they are under stress. The US has helped out England before and so will again. BTW, Mckinnon has lost his case with Jacqui Smith, and a commenter on this blog, Glenda21 who put her comment up on Oct 11 has been proven wrong. She is in the minority; I might point out that a lot of Brits hate Gary Mckinnon, such as Sue Edley who works at the US Embassy. She wants him to fry, as did Ed Gibson, who also worked at the Embassy, though he is American, worked then for the FBI.
So, Farshid, Gary, and anyone else, better sober up.

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