Monday, 20 October 2008

Neil Ingram threatens Homeland Security

Just got an email from a Neil Ingram in Thailand - he is threatening to cause $100m damage to US and get 469 other people to do same, and claims he is trained in the use of weapons - from RAF and USAF. Obviously a psycopath. His aim is to wipe out Homeland Security budget. He may go on the loose and kill lots of people with his skills. Wonder what else he is doing in that part of the world, training terrrorists maybe? Is he paid by some Islamic regime? Good job I got him to talk. We can take him out in time and save lives, this is how the world is getting to be a safer place.

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Neil said...

...and here is what I actually wrote 'word-for-word' to Mr. Pasture after he had previously called me; in 3 earlier spam (or is it hate) emails, a "terrorist", a "pedophile" and to "stop doing drugs":

"Hello again, :-)

Your ignorance is forgiven Mike, as I hope you will forgive my ignorance about not knowing about the "plethora of more sensible anti-Gary [McKinnon] comments" you mention. I would wager though that for every (sensible) anti-Gary [McKinnon] comment, there are at least 20 (sensible) pro-Gary [McKinnon] comments; a point in fact hard to ignore. Btw, when is the US going to ratify their end of the "extradite despicable terrorists" deal with the UK? Just curious.

As for contacting the FBI and ratting you out as a pedophile Mike, naa (that's "No"); it's true I wouldn't want to waste their time on such 'small fry' like you. I've got a much better method of wasting their time - if I wanted to (of course), one; in which a single person could cost the American tax payer upwards of US$100 million per year and without having to kill anyone! Just think, find another 469 people willing to do the same thing (one could very easily train people to do this btw), and there's your annual budget for say The Department of Homeland Security (at around US$47 billion) gone; completely wasted.

Btw...thanks so much for the 'profiling' compliment; I wish I was a musician from Australia. Beautiful place, don't you think? No, in my time I've served with the Royal Air Force and United States Air Force, so I'm a fairly disciplined kind of person. If I say I'm going to do something - I usually do. I'm a crack shot too and proud to say that I wore a marksman's badge on my service uniform for all of 8-years. As you might have guessed then, I already have the short haircut and of course - I don't do drugs (tish, tish).

As for joining Gary [McKinnon], you know, perhaps I would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him if I were in the United Kingdom, but I am not, so on this occasion I cannot. As for him allegedly placing "pedophile stuff on computers" c'mon man! We all know where he got that from; it wasn't Thailand, it was the Roman Catholic Church in the US!

Anyway, gotta go; thanks for the (spam) email. Remember to keep an eye out for those Chinese too! I'm sure they're intent to make America's 4th of July fireworks celebrations look like a rainy day in Margate!! ;-)


All I can say to this is...your 'obvious talents' are wasted Mike, you should go to Hollywood and begin a career as a screenwriter.

Btw, as you'd previously written "so we are working here with facts, Neil, as Margaret Thatcher said, facts, facts, facts", it's kind of ironic then how you've twisted the facts (my words) in that sad, warped little mind of yours; however, every cloud has a silver lining and what I mean is; if you DO ever make it to (and in) Hollywood...I want you to work tirelessly to get George Clooney to play the role of Neil Ingram please. Can you at least do that for me Mike?

Anyway, I'll close now because there are a lot of big words in this post and by now, you're probably in need of taking some more of that medication you use, for that very obvious psychosis you suffer from.