Saturday, 18 October 2008

Psy ops in cyberland

Well, well, well, the dogs are on the attack. A recent post is up to 39 comments from hostile parties, most of them anonymous types. A guy named Pizt - real name Neil Leitch - leads the pack, and what a shaggy dog he is! Needs a haircut badly. I sent him a couple of emails and all he could do was recycle old rants, laced with stereotypes. But he is young...not Neil Young, just young young. Neil Young was a genius musician, I suspect we are not going to be collecting Neil Leitch records as we are now collecting Neil Young records. Got a stack of them myself, unscratched in their original cases. Beautiful things the 12" vinyl. But I digress.
Leitch's rants were not so bad as the ones wishing Chinese hackers to unleash nuclear war on America (are they legal these comments?) or the one about giving semi-automatic machine guns to red skinnned insurgents, presumably to go kill people of other races? Nice one. I thought of deleting them, but best to leave them up. Then there is genco21 - real name Paul from Chelmsford - who cannot get a single comment in without messing up the spelling. Lynne Truss would be having a fit, pandas would be shooting and leaving, after, of course, eating...hope I got all the puncutation right there Lynne! Love your books by the way, my attackers could use a few pointers from their pages.
In what is turning into a psy ops in cyberland, blood is in the water. And over what? A terrorist named Gary McKinnon who is being taken to face justice. I emailed one person named Claire, and was quite complimentary, OK, I admit, she has nice figure, could be a Hustler model one day, and got back an email from he/she/it named Richard Taylor at An economic indicator of the fact that real estate agents are not too busy these days, so they are cross dressing and sending emails to show their support of cyber terrorists. I hope the economy improves soon, so we are not inundated with emails from idle southwest agents launching psychological warfare campaigns against free and decent people.
And quite likely it will, the election often causes turbulence, which is often resolved when someone competent gets in. Hopefully there will be no chads, but an intereasting phenomenon is that the Jewish vote is being fought over by two in three opinions. One Jackie Mason, a sensible ex rabbi who is also a comedian, is exhorting his flock to vote for McCain, while some other comedian, whose name escapes me at the moment, is exhorting the opposite. If McCain gets in, she, though Jewish herself, will bame the Jews. Stuff like this you can't make up.
But you can make up stories in the press, take the recent Ham & High coverage of Gary McKinnon's protests outside the US Embassy. Something is not kosher there - I mean, Gary is 42 years old (old enough to know better than work for the jihadi cyber terrorists), and there is a picture of this woman purporting to be his mom. She looks younger than the son. One starts to wonder why her last name is not the same - Janis Sharp is this woman's name - and then it dawns on me. One need not be an intel analyst to see the psy ops game being played here. Jan is sharp! And we are all supposed to be idiots. Now, in the Arabic languages, Jan is short for jihadi. The jihadis are needling us with this one, but we're not dull. And she cries that the US will not give her a visa to visit? Strange point, as if she were indeed a UK citizen, she would not need one. Other UK citizens, including some of the rat pack who commented so adversely on this site, find it easy to come and go - so why does she say she was denied a visa? She is not a UK citizen - or has a criminal record. Elementary, me dear Watson.
But looking at Jan, by some cosmic irony, brings my mind around to Ron - as in Ron Jonson, who likes to visit the US - again, no visa needed - where he pals around with lowlifes like Alex Jones. Both are uber conspiracy theorists, who spent a lot of time and effort trying to convince the world that George Bush and a lot of Republicans were pedophiles. They talked about some book called the Trance Formation of America, which all major publishers refused to publish, but this did not stop Ron and Alex from using to its libel Bush and his friends. Back in the UK, Ron was the first to take up the Free Gary campaign, writing in that weird, left wing rag the Guardian. Lately, it has given space to Jan is sharp, who writes in about how we ought to free the terrorists.
While my site got attacked by cyber punks with no real names, other sites have sensible people writing in - just check out the comments on Kevin Poulsen's article in Wired - as guy named spook left some excellent comments, and I weighed in or what it was worth with the facts.
The facts, the facts, and only the facts, as Margaret Thatcher said. Gary McKinnon, Farshid Gillardian and the Tillmans have got to face up to that.


Claire said...

We run a handyman business. Myself and my husband Richie are not estate agents. Please get your facts straight and stop jumping to the wrong conclusion! Don't think I would ever be a Hustler model - you need fake boobs and there is nothing fake about me.

Mike Pasture said...

Claire - you emailed me to say you used to work with him - a hacker and conspiracy theorist?
Are you with us or against us?

Jay said...

She is Janis Sharp and she is Gary's mother. She is Scottish, a U.K citizen with no criminal record.
However according to Gary's lawyers, apparently the U.S can deny visas to anyone they feel like, as she was told "she might not be allowed to visit him".

If you keep referring to Gary McKinnon as a terrorist he probably won't get extradited, as he couldn't have a fair trial in the U.S as he is effectively being judged guilty pre-trial.

You obviously have a sad life as it seems you spend your life on this blog and only U.K nationals defending Gary bother to answer you.
You obviously need help, or have had a bad childhood as your views are sadly warped.

Here's a good article with an interview from Gary McKinnons Mother.
Great to see a mother fighting for her son with such gusto. All mothers should heed her example.

Genco21 said...

Remember folks, it's the spelling that's important.

It's easier to be critiacal of this when you are unable to counter my post with a formed opinion, without straying wide of the facts, reason or propiety.


unfortunately typing genco21 into google doesn't give you my full name and address or have any links to my fine band of the same name. (now sadly defunct) but if you do want full contact details, I'd be happy to let you have them. I'm sure you'll be sharing yours with your new friends too.

More importantly if you'd like some genco21 .mp3s, please let me know. It's a fine blend of art-rock and acoustic-pop.

PiZT said...

Nice of you to make this post about me. For a start you got my name wrong and I fail to see how relevant a haircut is. It's always nice to be a coward and make a post on your blog about someone without notifying them.