Friday, 3 October 2008

Cleaning house

The other day Boris Johnson, the Conservative Mayor of London, fired Sir Ian Blair, the police chief. This happens in politics. But instead of just putting a want ad in the Times for a new chief,
there is now a big discussion with one Jacqueline Smith at the Home Office who claims she wanted to be consulted.
Well, tough luck. She is just playing politics. Boris has a city to run, and can get crime down if she does not interfere. And while we're talking about her, she is sitting on a request not to let Gary Mckinnon be extradited for his crimes against humanity. What is she waiting for? She is earning the name Jackass Smith.
Gary must be exradited as he is a threat to humanity. We have no doubt that Boris would have
kicked Gary out of her ages ago - incidentally, America is Boris's birthplace, so Boris would understand these things better. Born in the USA, I say.


Genco21 said...

Jacqui Smith is sitting on this order, because it's never going to happen.

No reasonable government (and I accept that the British Government may not fall into that catagory.) will send a guy to trial for such a minor offence, to a coutry with such a distorted justice system.

Boris would have told the US where to go a long time ago, you obviously have not read him comments on the matter.

Mike Pasture said...

Well, Genco21, SMith is not sitting on the order. Friends of mine emailed her and gave her some pointers, and she took them. Boris Johnson would not bite the hand of the US, he is born there. Don't be silly! Are you an Essex girl?