Saturday, 18 October 2008

Salute to Palin

Above is a picture of peace. Sarah Palin and the US peacekeepers helping to keep the world free. You can just see the relaxed feel from the servicemen, happy to get in a woman who takes the time to talk to the likes of Joe Plumber. Oh, Obama took the time to talk to him too - and Joe told him where to go. Turns out that conspiracy theorists are trying to make out that Joe was a planted shill, but how seriously could you take this one - it's like the Puerto Rican janitor stories about 9/11...Truth to tell, Joe was at home and B. Hussein Obama interrupted his solitude to try to get his votes, and then his money. Which is what BHO of the BS Party is trying to do to all of you...
The Republican Party is the party of the people, the party of Lincoln. From log cabins to trailer parks it serves the likes of Joe the Plumber and is ready to lead America for another four years. Images like the one above will be quite common.
Some of the left leaning press are predicting an Obama victory, but we the people are not stupid. As Charlie Wolf wrote in his column this week, it's about events. Quoting Churchill he reminds us that a week in politics is a long time. Events. Things happen, and the Republicans respond. American will remember that - this is a world where things happen and we need first responders to put things right - not left foot us.

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