Thursday, 23 October 2008

Gary McKinnon resisting arrest

We now have information that the Russian government is going to help Gary McKinnon avoid arrest. They and the Iranians are planning to poison the US authorities. This plan was quashed by the Secret Service last night. Heard it first here - and we will be posting more about the
former serviceman in Thailand who is bent on destroying Homeland Security, Neil Ingram. His latest email is an attempt to deny his previous threat. It does not take James Bond to catch these idiots. Gary McKinnon got into 73,000 computers in the Homeland, so we know how virulent these pests can be and are prepared to take approprite measures, which his so-called mother will not like. Live and let Die I say!


Neil said...
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Neil said...

Wow...he actually managed to spell my name correctly! Wonders never cease!! LOL.

Just wanted to repost this truly great summary by Jay, which I think probably highlights the sentiment here.

Jay writes:
"All Gary McKinnon supporters please don't respond to anything said on this blog as it's being run by a man who obviously has problems and is obsessed with Gary McKinnon, probably because he's never had so many responses to anything he's said.

Notice that virtually no other Americans post here, only the one man Mike Pasture who appears to claim that he worked in the U.S Embassy.

If you feel you must write on this blog, please make it clear that you are not anti-American as I know that most of you are only anti the current American government and not the American people. Many good Americans support Gary.

Americans also want rid of George Bush and are clamouring for change. Unfortunately when the Americans dared to vote for Al Gore, George Bush managed to take his place by some dubious means.

Lets hope that this time democracy works and that Americans get a president that really wants to help change the world for the better.

Let's hope Gary McKinnon is soon Free to have his life back again and that the witch hunt ends.

Let's hope that the American government takes care of its own problems and butts-out of ours.

Free Gary!
Free the World!"

Thank you Jay!

Finally, as I've been saying to Mr. Pasture right from the get-go, he would do a lot better writing to his elected representative about real terrorists (that's people who kill people Mike, just in case you don't know the meaning of the word); terrorists to whom the current US administration gives safe harbor.

Please take a read of this (URL link provided below) from The Independent Institute, which is a libertarian think tank based in Oakland, California:

Neil said...

'tis a sad, sad day today, for on this morn, I have noticed that this blogger (US Expats UK a.k.a. Mike Pasture) is actually censoring, and by that I mean deleting unfavorable posts.

Mr. Pasture, already a proven exponent of torture in his homeland; the US, and a veracious writer of hate mail, has - sadly now decided to include censorship to his blogging inadeptness.

If my memory serves me correctly wasn't there once a political party called the 'National Socialist German Workers’ Party' who infamously started to use this method in order to frighten and terrorize (not to mention murder) its citizens; which became the precursor for the senseless deaths of 72 million people?

Thin end of the wedge Mike. I think your blog has now sunk to a new, unimaginable depth.

Mike Pasture said...

Neil, your accusation of censorhip flies in the face of reality. The authors of the comments chose to delete what they said, quite likely because what they said was worthless or illegal. As you might just notice, I have left dozens of rather acidic comments up - as Homeland Dude believes in free speech - this is part of the Constitution.

Neil said...

Most respectfully I beg to differ 'Mike'; if that's in fact your real name. I notice a post from Genco21 is gone along with a previous post from - yours truly (tish, tish).

Btw and for the record my post; which was deleted, is not the one Referred to in this subject heading. The reason, I deleted my original post on this subject matter was because I didn’t write the URL Referred to in my post – correctly.

Finally, I have to write that I am at last in agreement with you. I agree with your assertion that you “have left dozens of rather acidic comments up”. To be fair you are correct; however, I notice that all said “acidic comments” appear to be from the same author – namely one “mike pasture”.