Thursday, 16 October 2008

Boadicea was Essex Girl

2,000 years ago a broad named Boadicea would have heard a lot of gallows humor. She got
uppity with the local council, and got taught a lesson. Gary McKinnon could also appreciate some,
and I understand his girlfriend is, like Boadicea was, an Essex girl, so she might be there for him if you know what I mean. One joke I thought rather funny comes from my childhood - my uncle asked me where A students went; Andover was the answer. And then, if they continued to get As? Yale.
But what about B students? Bendover! was the answer. And if they continued to get Bs? Jail!
Gary might remember this one, and also not to bend over when he drops the soap in the shower.
For entertainment, some jailhouse movies might be just up his alley - try Gestapo 1 and 2 and also Dr. Mengele from Mood Pictures - Their sister company, Elite Pain, has just issued Auschwitz - That last one might also be very good viewing for our other extraditee - to coin a new word - Farshid Gillardian. He managed to con some sympathy out of the Jewish Chronicle, but that paper tells fairy tales, as its better rival, Jewish News, has pointed out. Jewish News has real writers like RAUK co-chairman Charles Wolf on board, so they refrain from sponsoring terrorists.

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Wil said...

I'm not Jewish but you sound like a Nazi to me.
You obviously have a sadistic nature and serious mental health problems.
Perhaps you're just lonely and sad and need a girlfriend to make you feel Human and you might then cease to be a male rape fantasist.

I seriously believe you should seek help from a medical professional.