Saturday, 18 October 2008

Iranian spy at ISP

Just got an email from the mysterious Claire, of southwest houses. She admitted to something here that is like a piece in the puzzle - she used to work with Gary Mckinnon at an Internet Service Provider in London...
We go back through time to see the bigger picture. Gary working at an ISP - and getting all kinds of information on the West. Iranian intel agencies recruit from such agencies, it makes sense. Control the world through the internet. Brainwash us all and have the codes to make the planes fall out of the sky. All it takes is a little cash for the likes of Claire and Gary.
And now we know why so many people are supporting Gary - they know damn well that he will break in prison and we will have the full picture - he will name names and we will be able to proceed with more arrests.
And we will do that sooner rather than later - Jacqui Smith has quashed the idea of granting their law firm 90 days to prepare a request for judicial review, she is not granting even 14, it is 72 hours! And guess what, it is going into the round bin! We are laughing.
But the co-conspirators are not. They know they are next on the plane. It only takes one criminal to talk to get the whole rat pack. It's too bad that so many of these operatives have to be in Britain...otherwise, it's a nice country.

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