Thursday, 16 October 2008

Memory lane

Walking down the palimpsest of memory can be quite interesting. A chance conversation in Mayfair yesterday reminded me of some interesting moments in the not too distant past. A few years ago, I attended the funeral of a relative of the Bushes. It was held up in Maine. I recall that the President took the time to attend, as did RAUK member Emily Walker,
John Hagardian, Daniel Weaver, and Peter Thomas.
At that time, not so long after 9/11, the topic of security came up, internet security especially. The US had just discovered that its Pentagon computers had been hacked into by Gary McKinnon; while not reported much in the left wing press, McKinnon was not working alone - though he used the moniker 'Solo' - he was actually working hand in hand with the jihadis. One note he put on the Pentagon site was a taunt, actually asking us why the US Air Force could not intercept the four planes that day. Well, duh, he had hacked into our sites. So arrest him as soon as possible and get a confession from him as to who he was working for.
But no such sensible policy was followed. Instead, he was allowed to wreak havoc for years. And the conspiracy theory he started on the web has become a popular theme. Comments on this very site reflect that - I was viciously attacked by cyber punks in the last five days, in fact, the attack is ongoing. Some of them have been putting links to conspiracy theory sites. I have not yet deleted them, as it may be good to keep a file on these characters. They do not always stop at putting comments on sites, in the US they attacked former President Clinton. The Secret Service made an arrest, to the cheers of American citizens who are sick and tired of this form of attack. Psychological warfare it is. And it deserves a rebuttal.
The best one was put forth by GOP former Congressman Joe Scarborough, who put the foot down when he demanded they be tasered on the spot, and then sent to secret camps in Eastern Europe and never heard from again. That is where McKinnon belongs.
Most people think so, including Sen. David Vitter, who had just written a letter to Peter Thomas of ABC. Vitter advised Thomas of the increase in cyber psy ops on American citizens, telling them lies about our troops, lies about our president, lies, lies, and more lies. So we needed a truth movement. That was what we decided to create, and with one in place, people are happier. Markets trade better, crime is down, and the whole world is breathing freely. If we put all these people in jail, where they belong, we would be back on track to prosperity.
But going back to that week in Maine, I remember that some of our party, Emily, was working on the 9/11 Commission Report. A difficult task it had become, for there was some effort by confused Americans to rely on reports put forward by one Puerto Rican janitor who claimed he saved lots of lives that day. We now know he was not even at work in the WTC, he took the day off due to a cold. Some things fall in, or rather, out, of place, rather quickly when scrutinized. While I am not against his race, it did make it all the more jarring these reports coming from a Puerto Rican, as they are US citizens who do not pay taxes and do not have to serve in the military. Those who do - check the records here to see the statistics on drug busts in the service - aften go in for the sole purpose of selling marijuana and other drugs. And then there is the stunt they pulled in NY when they burned an American flag. Emily told us how she had weeks of sorting through this nonsense before she could delive the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But I digress. To get back to the point, we need to keep security high. And the note I started this essay on was the conversation I had in Mayfair with some colleagues. One of them reminded me of the holiday season 05/06. There had been some strange incidents with computer security inside the US Embassy, and in late '05 one of these had caused a gun to go off. Then there was a rash if computer glitches, and we knew we were under attack. At that time someone remembered the Gary McKinnon story, and we started to compare his crime with what was occuring to the embassy computers. Two English women, Jennifer Wilson and Sue Edley, analyzed it brilliantly and actually wrote up a little comparison sheet. At first it seemed like just speculation, but then it clicked. Their hunch was shown to Homeland Security; Dave Meadows, who was duty officer at that time, then passed it on the to the FBI. They got in touch with Special Branch here, and this resulted in more scrutiny of Gary McKinnon - after which, surprise surprise, the attacks stopped. So no wonder Ed Gibson was a little less than happy with Mr. McKinnon and stated that he ought to fry. His remark, however, pales in comparison with what Sue and Jenny had to say - they were out to do things I cannot repeat on this site. But they are right. And now Gary, you are going to fry. Teach you and anyone else here a lesson. If you get raped, beat up, waterboarded or whatever, don't cry. You fucked with us, and we are going to teach you a lesson.


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