Saturday, 18 October 2008

The world is getting safer

Richard Fenning, CEO of Control Risks, will address his audience with the fact that the world is getting safer. He will speak at Chatham House in London on October 22, 18:30 - 20:00.

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Kurios Kanenas said...

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And it appears stupid to believe that our ministers will, Jacqui Smith has got on her kness for all your stupid stuff. She thinks noone else here cares, but let us set the record strait, we do and we are not just going to let you take Gary. Every idiot you get on your side, and you mention you have 2 in the US Embassy you claim are British, we will know there names and remember them. Every PC, every pilot who flies with Gary or other British citizen like him, every idiot journalist who takes your wierd side - they have to live with us.
Now, I called that # you left for us at the Embassy and a real idiot answered. No surprise. I guess all of you have some kind of diplomatic immunity, so you can do things like this, Ed Gibson can shoot his silly mouth off, and you can do your stupid blog. Then you can get a Nazi symbol - a left facing eagle - and put it over you Embassy as if noone is going to question - or are you just stupid? Was this a mistake or a subtel message?
We're not unaware of your nazi links, and the fact that Ambassador William S. Farish III is the grandson of WSF who was indicted for aiding the nazis in WWII makes his apointment very stupid. Bush also has links to nazis, so maybe just the only choise he had, but we don't want no nazi in this country. \And we don't want no people like yourself.
You are not aware how much David Bieber told us when he got sent up - but this was all no surprise, you had spies here ripping us off for years, ever since WWII. We know all about them. John von Hoelle who went to Cambridge, he can stay out, and not use his John Holbert pasport either.
And Sun Myung Moon who prints so many lies in the Washington Times can stay out, Clarke made a mistake to let him in a few years ago. He and people like George Glover thought they were being in secret, but we knew what was going on, and how you want to mess things up more here so the US can give more orders to the politicians. Brown included. We will sidestep these idiots and get you by the throat - you will not pull any more fiendly fire stunts with our troops or rape any more Iraqis or throw any more dogs off cliffs to take movies off and you won't have any more sex acts with dogs in the Green Zone either. Not all Americnas are bad, but we need to put our foot down on the bad ones who work at the Embassy with its nazi eagle and underground passageways you think we dont know about. Keep your stupid sex acts to yourselves, its not funny even when its in Wahsington and you have Jeff Gannon of the GOP USA coming in pretneding be a journalist when he is in SM gear with Bush people (google this and see what wierd stuff White House does - we dont want here. Not like Bush jerking off with other men naked in coffins at Yale, or working on not so secret mind control like in the book Physical Control of the Mind by a Yale Dr Delgado - google that one too). We have a realm to protect and you can see what we mean.