Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Conservatives UK

The Daily Mail yesterday covered the Conservative Party conference extensively, Ian Drury, James Chapman and Peter Oborne all weighing in on the heavy event. Chapman takes several paragraphs to tell us of Shadow Chancellor George Osborne's speech, which was something like the Chopin Funeral March in Bflat minor "All rather terrifying, really. At noon George Osborne entered with funeral tread, inspected the blinking masses coldly in the eye, and announced that we're all jiggered. Completely. Kaput. Terminado. Gulp."
Chapman notes that Osborne usually delivers his sermons with wise cracks, but the subject matter I guess did not permit of such levity.
Due to years of unchecked mortgage and other lending, we have a problem, and it does not help that Hank Paulson cannot do his job to fix it without Democrats making it hard, if not impossible, to proceed. The world economy could be a right mess. A McCain victory would ease the markets, an experienced man at the helm always soothes the nerves. For the sake of the world, let us get in McCain and sort out this mess. Then Osborne can get back to his wise cracks.

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