Friday, 10 October 2008

Computer Terrorist in London

Today Gary McKinnon's pals will be marching at the Home Office to try to get him to stay free to do more crimes. A couple of weeks ago they were at the US Embassy on the same stupid protest.
A bunch of retarted people asking for criminals to go free if they could claim they were nerds.
We need to make sure this does not set a precedent - email Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, at and tell her your desire for a safe world where cyber terrorist nerds are safely locked away. Otherwise, who knows, you could be his next victim.


Wil said...

Gary McKinnon is the furthest thing from a terrorist you could get and your hysterical rantings are unbecoming. Thankfully Gary McKinnon showed up the extreme lack of security on U.S military machines.
For the U.S military to have no passwords and no firewalls for not weeks but for years on end and before and after 9/11 is a major crime and those responsible should be prosecuted.
It's true that Mr McKinnon did leave silly notes saying that the U.S was responsible for state sponsored terrorism but stupidly or not, he like many others did believe that 9/11 was an inside job, hence his statement that in his opinion, "it was no accident their was a stand down after 9/11".

Fortunately Mr McKinnon pointed out that their were people from all over the world (including China)wandering through U.S military computers and he left notes to this effect but no one attempted to make the Military systems more secure.

As Mr McKinnon has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome by the top Professors in the land, I think your comments are cruel and unwarranted and to try and whip up support against this unfortunate man is distasteful.
His crime of computer intrusion and leaving notes in the vein of a cyber peace protest was committed almost seven years ago and for the U.S to want him locked up for ten years per count x7 (70 years) is total over reaction.

The British Criminal Prosecution Service told Mr McKinnon to expect community service but in the end wisely decided against prosecuting him.
Now doesn't America have more to do with its time such as sorting out its banking system and economy and upgrading its computer security?
Had they any sense they would have employed Mr. McKinnon.

Kindest Regards

Simon said...

The US is utterly dis-proportionate in seeking to jail Gary Mckinnon. He has committed a very minor crime, although he could have acted far more recklessly. Shame on the US for seeking to bully a relatively tiny threat, to try to cover their weakness, and shame on you sir for wanting to "terrorise" a man who has simply acted very foolishly, but has caused only embarasment, not genuine damage.

CB said...

Firstly - He’s not a terrorist you imbecile.

If anything he was proving how ‘secure’ these systems are for REAL terrorists to hack into.

They should give him a job, not be trying to punish him.

When I read narrow-minded comments like this it worries me that the outcome of the U.S election is only down to the people of the U.S…

God help us all.

Christopher Reeve said...

Are you paid by the republican party to instil fear in people? It is people like you who are the terrorists that spread negativity around the world. Gary is not a terrorist and as Will says, it is the US military that were mainly at fault. If you put a boat out to see with holes in it of course water will enter. If it was not Gary it could have been 'your son' having a nose about on the open computers.

PiZT said...

RETARD is spelled liked that.
Not retart
that would be when you recycle a tart.

The guy has a mental illness, so I'd be suggesting Jail is not even an option.

jsumner86 said...


The world is not black and white. It's not split into terrorists and good people.

Have you ever read the details of what actually happened?

He made a mistake, which yes, involved breaking the law. He accessed systems which hadn't been secured and it went to his head slightly.

However what exactly is the purpose of being sent to prison or receiving another punishment set by the court? Justice? Do you not think what he and his family have been through over the past few years is justice? Or is this some kind of playground argument where the person who has been taunted only feels better once they immaturely attack the person who taunted them half to death?

What are the other reasons for being sent to jail? So he can learn his lesson and not do it again? Do you really think he would ever make such a mistake again after what he has been through? No, I don't either.

The only other reason people are sent to prison is if they are a danger to the public. Exactly what danger does Mr McKinnon pose? Has he ever violently attacked someone? No. Does he support al-Qaeda or anyone like them? No, he most definately doesn't.

Yes, he is not innocent, but that doesn't mean he should be locked up for same lengths of time as mass murderers, does it now? After what America has put him through, he doesn't even deserve community service anymore.

What the governments have been doing is total immaturity and is exactly the same behaviour that I've witnessed in school playgrounds so much, just in a much more powerful way. However it seems to be excusable because it's people in authority doing it.

p333 said...

Do yourself a favour; put down the tabloid and go buy yourself something decent to read.

PiZT said...

Having re-read the original post, can I ask you how old you are?

It reads like a 3 year old wrote it.
Sorry if you are 4.

maxyvz said...

I do apologise, if this turns into a rant.

Are you actually serious. Firstly who gives a fuck if he did hack in, its not like he did any harm. To be honest he just showed up how stupid your government is. How hard is it to set a password on a router, my 8 year old nephew could do it. If your government are having a problem with it, perhaps they should phone up BT and get a BT home hub with step by step instructions.

But they're probably busy dealing with a recession and two failed wars, whilst simultaneously, (means at the same time, for all you stupid rednecks out there) throwing darts at a map of the east to see where to invade next.

Mr McKinnon, suffers from a terrible syndrome, he is not a retard, and to call him so is disgraceful.

Also why are you contacting our home secretary. why dont you call up your own government and shove that famous star spangled banner up your ass.

And finnaly if you dont like it over here mate, fuck off home.

I don't dislike Americans in general i just hate ignorant, self-righteous ones.

Also stop trying to be Team America world Police, let us handle our own problems, stop causing human rights issues and focus on sorting your own problems, rather than sorting out the worlds.


JessicaB said...

Thats rich coming from an American who's own governmnet will bomb their own people to create a war on an innocent country! There is enough proof out there to see 9/11 was a 100% inside job. Gary Mckinnon mearly pointed out the files were at risk of getting into the wrong hands but what thanks did he get? The world would be a safer and friendly place without America creating war after war for their own greed. We should have never given independence to such an immature country with half wit governments. The truth will come out one day.

Necros said...

Let me ask you something Mike...
Are you 5 years old?
Because using words like ''stupid'', ''[sic]retarded'' and ''nerds'' to further your point in an arguement reeks of immaturity [not to mention a narrow vocabulary range]. defines ''terrorist'' as
1. a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities
2. a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.

If you can provide me with credible sources which verify Gary McKinnon as one of those, I will be very impressed.

As mentioned before, the whole point of prison sentences is not to just punish but to confine criminals who are a DANGER to society. The only danger Gary has ever been responsible for is the danger of the US government security system being exposed as the piss-poor system of incompetence that it is. It is the administration in charge of security that should be put away so they will not continue to endager the populance they are accountable to.

You think you'll feel safer if Gary McKinnon is put away? When has he ever hacked into private computer systems or even shown the intention of doing so? Your final sentence is childish fear-mongering riddled with clich├ęs. Gary has only ever targeted the government, and not for the purposes of destabilising it or selling secret information to REAL terrorists [you know, the ones that actulaly KILL people, not hide behind their computers and look at porn like the standard definition of ''nerd'' suggests].

Gary McKinnon was performing a SERVICE to the global community by trying to expose the government black budget conspiracy projects that you US citizens end up paying for in taxes with total ignorance of what that money funds. It is YOU who should be thanking him for his heroic work at the personal expense of his freedom and peace of mind.

And you want to rob him of his life by giving him a 60-70 year jail sentence? Even murderers don't get as much.

Get your facts straight before spouting pompous ill-informed bullshit.

loveandwar said...
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loveandwar said...

Have you read this guy's other posts? He's like a cross between Julie Burchill and Richard Littlejohn - scouring the liberal press with a twitching forehead vein, waiting for something outrageous to rant about. Obama? Sounds like Osama: TERRORIST! Computer hacker got mischievous with the Pentagon: TERRORIST! Single mums: TERRORISTS!! Immigrants: TERRORISTS! Gays: TERRORISTS! Anyone who doesn't sing the Star Spangled banner every morning gripping a Smith & Wesson with a tear in their eye and a hard on: TERRORIST!!!!

Niall said...

Whoops, you seem to have slipped when you were typing that. What you *meant* to say was:

We need to make sure this does not set a precedent - email Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, at and tell her your desire for a safe world where British citizens are safe from Yank-based illegal "terrorist" witch-hunts.

wasn't it? Because otherwise you'd be a fucking cretin, and you're not are you?

loveandwar said...

From another of this loser's absurd rants:
"[Jacqui Smith] is sitting on a request not to let Gary Mckinnon be extradited for his crimes against humanity. What is she waiting for? She is earning the name Jackass Smith.
Gary must be exradited as he is a threat to humanity. We have no doubt that Boris would have
kicked Gary out of her ages ago"

Two questions:
1) Does the international criminal court recognise cyber-graffiti as a crime against humanity?
2) Pursuant to the final sentence quoted above, kicked Gary out of WHO ages ago? Jacqui Smith? I think you're getting in a muddle dear boy.

D said...

Please would the world begin to open its eyes! The author of this article needs to be educated about the condition of Aspergers, Those that live with this condition or support those that live with this condition are highly informed and far from being "retards" know that Gary McKinnon is being discriminated against.As the mother of two children who live with the condition Aspergers/Autism i know that people with Aspergers do not see the world as the author or U.S military do and in my opinion this cannot be a bad thing! There are lessons to be learned here and thats that the powers that be and the population at large need to be educated on Aspergers and Autism not that Gary McKinnon be locked up for exposing flaws. More and more children and adults are being diagnosed every year worldwide may i suggest that the powers that be drop this case and concentate on finding out the reason why?

Claire said...

Gary McKinnon is not a terrorist.
Gary McKinnon is not a threat.
Gary McKinnon should not be extradited.
Gary McKinnon is in need of psychiatric help - although perhaps aliens do exist?

The US should employ hackers like Gary McKinnon to help protect against hackers who could be a threat.

You can't sum up all Americans. There are stupid people and smart people in every country. I love America - Florida in particular.

Rhoda cameron said...

Aspergers syndrome does not make you a retard. I would suggest that Gary MacKinnon is capable of spelling retard correctly as he managed to hack into US military computers.
Far from being a retard I imagine he is of higher intelligence than you certainly if your blog is anything to go by.

ashley said...

What a complete and utter RETARD.

tina57 said...

yes, let's lock away all people suffering from a mental illness and let the sane Americans kill indiscriminately in Irak and Afghanistan and make the world a safe place, hey Mikey?

mrmisc said...
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mrmisc said...

this blogger shows no signs of intelligence, grasp of facts and is obviously prejudice.

he's more of a threat.

Neil said...

Mike...having now read your post a couple of times and those from everyone who have been kind enough to comment, I'm now starting to get an appreciation of how a 'one legged man at an arse-kicking contest' must feel.

I'm afraid I'll have to side with the majority on this issue too; not because I'm afraid to agree with you, it's just that I know when something is wrong and you Mike...are most definitely, definitely wrong.

Thanks for your opinion though!



PiZT said...

loveandwar said...

Two questions:
1) Does the international criminal court recognise cyber-graffiti as a crime against humanity?
2) Pursuant to the final sentence quoted above, kicked Gary out of WHO ages ago? Jacqui Smith? I think you're getting in a muddle dear boy.
10 October 2008 06:34

that's what i was thinking - the poor lady :D
It's gotta hurt!

Sci-Fi-Si said...

Would it not be an idea if the US government spent a little more time in securing what is supposedly 'Classified' information?

How about adding a password to a computer with classified informantion on it?

What about not having a computer with classified information on it connected to the Internet? Without a firewall, or a password a system like this is also known as a 'honey pot' or trap.

No insurance claim would be valid if the victim left their house with all their doors and windows open, would not a password have been useful?

Would not admitting 'utter security incompetence' be more embarrasing and difficult than placing the blame on the sholders of one man?

Mr. Mc.Kinnon is being charged and extradited to face the charges of a terrorist.

What is the US government so worried about that Mr. McKinnon may have seen on their computers that he needs to be charged with terrorism?

It's not the act of hacking the US government is so worried about, because there wasn't one. No password - no hack.

New Leaf said...

Hello Mike Pasture!
How dare you sir?
Do you really think that if "Terrorist / Criminals" like Gary McKinnon were locked up this world would be safer?
I assert..quite the opposite. If right wing, unthinking, ill informed (all this kind of goes with right wing!) folk like you have their way then this world IN REALITY will become scarier than in your wildest dreams.
"Safely locked away" !!!??? I am convinced that the world would be a safer place with bigots and fascists locked away. If you think I'm insinuating that YOU are a bigot and a fascist then ..CONGRATULATIONS..probably the clearest and most accurate thought that you have had in a long while.

Sweet Dreams.

liz said...

This whole situation has been blown massively out of proportion by the US, someone’s clearly embarrassed by what Gark McKinnon did, because according to him it wasn’t really that bad, and if the US claim otherwise, they should prove it – I mean surely they would have the means to do so if he actually caused so much damage right?
The fact that Gary McKinnons extradition is even being considered makes me feel like this country is not doing enough to protect its citizens. He has been suffering for years now over this case, not being able to settle down with his family or to relax, constantly stressed and now he’s ill – probably as a result. In my opinion he has already completed his sentence many times over – maybe not inside a cell, but still.
The protest is not ridiculous in anyway. ‘You could be his next victim’ – is that a joke? It sounds like one. Whoever wrote this comment has to grow up, rise above their patriotic views and see the big picture. What Gary McKinnon did was not right. But the sentence the US want to give him is absolutely insane, surely anyone can see that. Fair enough if the US wanted him to serve a three year sentence, it would be understandable. 70 years however is crazy, in my opinion locking this man up for that long is a crime in itself. So if that’s the precedent that you think the US should set for itself, an unjust precedent, then go ahead and write these comments. Otherwise maybe you should take a while to think before you type such senseless things.

reecifer said...
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Genco21 said...

Shall we just count the number of IRA terrorists deported by the US government.

(And by terrorist, I mean people who perform a terrorist act, such as planting a bomb in a shopping centre.)

You can tell where I'm going with this, it's a big fat zero. Gary Mckinnon, is no threat, let alone terrorist.

It will be the scandel of the decade if we allow him to be tried by the backward justice system displayed in America.

Paul said...

In my eyes the only terrorists are the US them selves.

We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me fo

Clarice said...

Do any US ex-pats actually read this blog because so far all I see are Brits and other nationals leaving messages on here.

9/11 an inside job? Watch this!
Scroll down to watch the first instalment.

Mav said...

It's absolutely ridiculous to think that Gary is a terrorist, he should be thanked and employed by the U.S government to secure their computers or at least teach them how to use passwords and maybe a firewall since their obviously too stupid to do it themselves.

Think U.S officials are worried that Gary knows something they don't want him too, and are scared he tells their secrets that's why they want to lock him way in one of their prisons to the end of his days.

We would of hoped that the 1983 movie WarGames and the basic fact that cyber crime happens even the elderly know that these days, would of maybe got them paranoid enough to protect themselves from the "Reds" so to speak?

America Your Government is Trying to Kill You!!!

Mike Pasture said...

A lot of these comments are anti-American. I would encourage any American finding such garbage in the UK to call 020 7499 9000 ext. 2428 and talk to Dave Meadows or Tina Zimmerman at Homeland Security.

Mav said...

Homeland Security, the USA PATRIOT Act, The Carlyle Group. America your Constitution is being taken away from you before you know it you all will be chipped and processed and put in a little box ready to be worked to death with No rights and No say for next to No wage while the fat cats get richer from their self proclaimed 'War on Terror'. I'm not anti-America I'm anti-stupid get with the program open your eyes look whats happening in the world around you, look whats happening right under your noses.

Mav said...

seek the truth

Wil said...

We in the U.K regularly critisize our own government without being labelled Anti British. We also critisize other governments across the world and this is known as "Free Speech".

When a country regards critisizm of it's government as anti American (or anti whatever country is being referred to) then that country has become akin to the nazis where Free Speech was supressed/ outlawed and it all started with comments such as yours.

Telling people to call Homeland Security when you don't like the "Free Speech" being uttered, is becoming akin to saying "Call the Gestapo".

I am a U.K citizen and am not Anti American or Anti British but when people start to attempt to supress Free Speech or open critisism of any government and say silly things like "contact Homeland Security" you have to realise that you are fast on your way to becoming akin to a Nazi State.

Democracys can and do regularly critisize governments, including their own.

Neil said...

Just a polite word of warning but please be careful about commenting on this blogger's (a Mr. Mike Pasture) site as when I did; politely and most respectfully disagreeing with Mr. Pasture's assertion that his judgment Re: Gary McKinnon was "most definitely, definitely wrong", Mr. Pasture proceeded to write me two harassing emails; in the first implying I was a "terrorist" for disagreeing with him and in the second, implying I was a pedophile, because I choose to live in Thailand.

I don't know but if Mr. Pasture honestly thinks someone like Gary is a "terrorist", he's going to be in for a big, BIG surprise when Chinese hackers have perfected their plan to detonate America's complete arsenal of nuclear weapons - in situ.

Genco21 said...

I think we're grasped Mr Pasture's intellectual level.

Don't take these comments as simply anti-American.

Every country in every-continent goes through periods of beligerance and untrustworthness (if that is a real word, and I didn't just make it up.) Usually by a less-than enlightened leaders hoping to make their mark.

Bush Jnr and Reagan were such men. It doesn't change the great values and people of the nation. Just the direction their government has chosen and unfortunately their image on the international scene.

Mav said...

OH togo back in time and give the Native America's semi-automatic machine gun's, then they counld of defented their land and maybe just maybe it woukd make things different for the world today?

Jay said...

All Gary McKinnon supporters please don't respond to anything said on this blog as it's being run by a man who obviously has problems and is obsessed with Gary McKinnon, probably because he's never had so many responses to anything he's said.

Notice that virtually no other Americans post here, only the one man Mike Pasture who appears to claim that he worked in the U.S Embassy.

If you feel you must write on this blog, please make it clear that you are not anti American as I know that most of you are only anti the current American government and not the American people.
Many good Americans support Gary

Americans also want rid of George Bush and are clamouring for change.
Unfortunately when the Americans dared to vote for Al Gore, George Bush managed to take his place by some dubious means.

Lets hope that this time democracy works and that Americans get a president that really wants to help change the world for the better.

Lets hope Gary McKinnon is soon Free to have his life back again and that the witch hunt ends.

Lets hope that the American government takes care of its own problems and buts out of ours.

Free Gary!
Free the World!