Wednesday, 29 October 2008


We certainly cannot complain about the looks of our future Vice President! Brains and beauty combined to give good leadership. What more can we ask?


Genco21 said...

She certainly is easier on the eye than most politicians.

Unfortunately the election isn’t about, “who you would like to have dinner with then, gimp up and spray with population paste”, is it?

Sarah Palin is (by common reference) a dangerously under-qualified ├╝bernut for the job she is already doing, let alone be Vice-President.

If the worse thing imaginable happens, (aside from Shania Twain announcing a world tour) then nobody wants to make sudden loud noises around the White House for a while. We’d be only a heartbeat (or rather lack of one) from this neo-nazi taking the top job.

And let’s not assume than McCain is going to loose, folks. It seems unlikely that he can win but you’ll just never know.

He’s a pretty popular upstanding guy, even if he did and does vehemently oppose the kind of banking control which might have prevented the current financial crisis, and so what if he has crashed more American jets than al-Qaeda.

O.k. that last point was vacuous and entirely without relevant merit, but hey, if Mr Pasture can be so on every post you won’t deny me one would you?

Neil said...

Great insight genco21 for now, just a day after the McCain/Palin ticket was soundly defeated by the US electorate – come the recriminations.

Take a look at this! ROTFL!!

What’s that you say ‘Mike’? “Brains” (Palin Didn't Know Africa Is A Continent)? LOL Then I'm curious, do good leaders leave their staffers in tears? Then there’s the subject of NAFTA?? LOL And, and...meeting McCain staffers wearing only a towel (which could have lead to a real bush problem)??? ROTFL!!! OMFG!!!!

Kudos to genco21 for his intelligent appraisal of the real situation nearly an entire week before the US media latched onto Ms. Palin’s, very obvious and worrying shortcomings.

Neil said...

Hey "Mike"

Following-up on Sarah Palin, who - you haven't been writing much about lately, would you mind giving us your opinion regarding Matt Damon's question about dinosaurs please?

ROTFL (Roll On The Floor Laughing)!