Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Does Sarah Palin read this blog?

Question: What's the difference between Osama and Obama?
One had friends who want to bomb the Pentagon and the US Capitol, the other has friends who want to bomb the Pentagon and the US Capitol. Right, that's sorted out. And Sarah Palin helped the Obama crowd with that very equation on Sunday, two weeks to the day after I wrote about the terrorists who Palin notes Obama "pals around with." Indeed he does.
But true to form, the left wing press is out to avoid the facts. Take Guy Adams in yesterday's Independent for instance, he writes that it appears to have scant basis in fact; perhaps he would like to read the aforementioned post, then rant? Fellow ranter Johann Hari, he or she, hard to tell, claims in the same paper that John McCain is wrong about the job our troops are doing in Iraq. How would Hari know? Has he really spent time there? For those of us with not so short memories, he was caught out lying about his foray into Iraq when he claimed he was there in the outskirts for a month; more like a forthnight in the Green Zone, being protected by the troops he so criticises.
But that's the left wing press for you. Trying to protect terrorists all over the world. We need a President who will out them right and left, especially those who are teaching at left wing universities in the Homeland.

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