Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Afghans in New York

Yesterday Sarah Palin met a real life Afghan, Hamid Karzai - who travelled all the way from Kabul to meet her. She also met with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. Wonder if she asked either of them about the drug trade?
Probably not. But we hope this abates with another four years of republican leadership.
To follow the campaign, click on and see how it is progressing.
Here in London everyone is wondering if Brown will stay on, and Miliband, ever the geek, is trying hard to tell us he is not a usurper. His eyes are not on the crown, he says, he is just hanging around. Will Brown last? Maybe not - even a kiss from his wife Sarah did not do much as a minister quit today. Personally I like Brown and think the press is making too much of it,
ministers quit for various reasons and they did not state the reason. So let's not jump to conclusions. Anyway, stability is better for any nation and we hope the Brits the best.
This Sunday, however, a few of the rowdy crowd will march on the US Embassy to - get this -
ask for a pardon for a dangerous computer hacker who got into Pentagon websites - more
dangerous than Matthew Bevan who in turn was almost as dangerous as Hitler.
OK, whatever. Kevin Poulsen already wrote a very good piece on Wired News so google it and see, I did manage to leave a comment at the end.
Justice is justice and hackers, those who were partly responsible for 9/11, as Gary McKinnon was, have got to go.

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