Friday, 26 September 2008

Democrats block bill for bailout

Despite Senator McCain's efforts to back the bailout proposal that Bush sensibly wanted to aid America, and the world, Democrats have thwarted our hopes. Instead they will have money to spend on abortions and other frivolous programs. And '60 terrorists who teach our kids at universities in the Obama state.
The UK is already feeling the bad effects of this stubbornness. Today the mood in the City, where I just spent the afternoon, is sombre. The pubs are full with the usual Friday afternoon crowd, but this is not an indication of financial health, rather, there are lots of financial services workers out drowning their presentiments in alcohol. One young banker I talked to from HSBC told me flat out it was the beginning of the end. An hour later he was drunk, but not as drunk as the parties in the US who brought this on us with irresponsible lending and stubborn veto tactics.
The bad news is the headline of the Evening Standard here, and it sent a shudder up and down Threadneedle Street and the vicinity.
So have a good weekend, but you better brace for the worst.

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