Thursday, 25 September 2008

When Sarah met Sarah

Last night in New York, Sarah Palin met Sarah Brown. It does not sound exciting that first line, except of course that Brown lives at 10 Downing Street and Palin is looking to move house
to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Brown was co-hosting a dinner for the White Ribbon Alliance, a charitable organisation whose aim is to improve the health of women and their babies. Other co-hosts were Queen Rania of Jordan and Wendi Deng, wife to Rupert Murdoch. Elle McPherson and the Duchess of York were also in attendance. To add to the excitement, Mr Brown will be in New York to address the UN tomorrow. Whilst he is away from the UK, expect the mice to play.
In Washington Bush is calling for a $700 billion dollar bank bailout, and Senator John McCain has the grace to attend rather than debate his Arab-American opponent, who hails from a state that puts known terrorists in jobs at the univeristy (see previous post on the Weathtermen and Barack Obama).
We live in interesting times...

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