Saturday, 20 September 2008

Let me look into my crystal ball today and tell the world what will happen on November 5
2008. That will be when we know who is boss in the US. And I know how it will be.
As Tim Spangler said in a Washington Post interview on April 20 this year, we live in an era
of 50.0001% vs 49.9999% elections.
That means, if 100,000,000 American vote, 100 people determine the vote. And in one comi-tragic real life example, even less can be crucial - a Congressman in New England lost a few years ago by one vote; he himself had not bothered to vote that day. I bet he does now.
Writing from London, where some 300,000 US voters reside, I am concerned.
I said I would predict the future; but I stop short of saying whether McCain, Obama, or, who knows, McKinney or Nader get in - I predict that there will be lots of voters gritting their teeth
when they hear that the winner got in by a thin margin, and wondering if they and their friends
had not betrayed their nation by going out to drink, or staying in to watch the idiot box, rather
than voting. If the vote is 50/50 among American in London, then 150,000 could vote either way...or stay in and watch some jerk on TV.
My feeling is that McCain will win, and that by a very small margin, and we will go into the future with a thankful heart that RAUK - that is - Republicans Abroad UK - got their 150,000
people out to vote.

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