Monday, 1 December 2008

Rumble in Bombay

This whole week we have been hearing details of the terrorist atrocities in Bombay, or as they call it, Mumbai. 10 or more young Pakistanis opened fire and killed up to 300 people, and wounded lots more. Ironically, for guys who hated the west, they were all wearing upscale
western clothing. They looked like models for Banana Republic.
So it is not surprise to hear they were trained in Leeds, the home of the 7/7 bombers. And, it now appears, may have had some links to computer hackers who were able to get them jobs in the hotels. Then there is the question of the weapons they had, and the money behind this thing.
It points back to the UK, which is now a hotbed of terrorism. Some do the actual physical attacks, others do the money, while a third contingent is on to cyber attacks. Some of the people who do this are the nasties who comment adversely on this very blog, and the trail stretches from Essex to Faridkot, the town in Pakistan where these model kids learned to become kami kazis.

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