Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Shoe bombers and Gary McKinnon

Years ago a stupid jihadist tried to blow up 300 of his fellow passengers en route to NY - but
he could not get the match to light on his shoe. His fellow passengers grabbed him and off he
went to jail.
Last week, an idiot just like him in Iraq tried to hit George Bush with his shoes, but both times
he threw them, he missed. Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me...
He was a journalist, and his fellow pressmen grabbed him just like they grabbed the shoe bomber. Both are now in jail.
But whadda ya know, there are idiots who want to make this guy a hero...just like the Gary McKinnon supporters.
Me thinks they do protest too much. And me thinks they will all be in jail a long, long time.
We will help to keep their feet on the ground, but they may live out their lives barefoot.

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